GamesPad Is GameFi Ecosystem Market Desperately Needs

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GamesPad Is GameFi Ecosystem Market Desperately Needs
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By the beginning of 2022, GamesPad will begin rolling out its staking and farming pools and start planning for its first in-house projects.

Over the past year, the crypto gaming market has gotten red hot. Part of the reason for that is the fact that NFTs have gone mainstream, attracting plenty of attention from the general public along the way. And at the same time, developers have made great strides in refining play-to-earn gaming mechanics that leverage those NFTs to give people an incentive to play. The result was a new kind of crypto gaming GameFi.

But the market has developed some problems, too. One is that there’s no real mechanism to vet the quality and legitimacy of new GameFi projects. That means players and potential investors have no idea if the games they’re interested in will ever see the light of day, or if they’ll collapse under the weight of their own lofty promises. Some may even turn out to be deliberate scams seeking to capitalize on the heat surrounding the market itself.

The early problems in GameFi make it look a lot like the DeFi market did when it first got started. The good news is that just like in that market, some developers are already building solutions that will help GameFi continue to thrive. One such solution is called GamesPad. It bills itself as the ultimate gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem. And judging by the services it’s aiming to provide, that may even be selling it short.

What Is GamesPad?

As its name suggests, GamesPad is, at its heart, a platform built to accelerate development in the world of GameFi. It sits at the convergence point of gaming, NFT, and metaverse development. And among other things, it’s designed to give game developers the ability to hold Initial Game Offerings (IGO), Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMO), Initial NFT Offerings (INO), and even metaverse land sales – all in one place.

But that’s far from the end of what GamesPad aims to offer. It’s also creating a decentralized venture capital system tailored specifically for GameFi projects. That will allow promising new projects to find the support they need to begin development by raising capital directly from gamers themselves.

And once they do, GamesPad will help game entrepreneurs by connecting them with the talent they require to turn their vision into a reality. By doing so, it hopes to help spawn a whole new ecosystem of GameFi development studios, much like the one that powers the traditional gaming market. They even plan to launch their own in-house studio as a part of that effort.

A Fully-Featured Investment Platform

To support all of those initiatives, GamesPad is also building an economic platform designed to attract and serve a community of gamers and investors. That side of the GamesPad ecosystem will feature an NFT marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with real-time NFT trading data to inform their strategies. And on top of that, it will also feature a multichain yield aggregator and on-platform staking and farming pools.

The idea is to create a thriving financial ecosystem that can help both developers and players unite to build the future of GameFi in a mutually beneficial way. It’s an idea that could revolutionize the way crypto games are developed, and make possible a new era of next-generation games that would have otherwise struggled to get off the ground. In short, it’s good news for everyone involved in the GameFi market. Developers get funding and support, gamers get amazing new play-to-earn games, and investors can turn a profit by helping to support it all.

An Accelerated Development Schedule

Although building all of the critical parts of a project like GamesPad is a big job, it’s one its developers are doing at an accelerated pace. According to the project’s roadmap, the developers expect to have the technology behind the launchpad and VC functions finalized by the end of 2021, with the launch of the platform’s first batch of deals to follow.

And by the beginning of 2022, GamesPad will begin rolling out its staking and farming pools and start planning for its first in-house projects. It’s a truncated development schedule made possible only because the platform’s co-founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan, have such a wealth of experience in the crypto industry already under their belts.

The roadmap also calls for an IDO before the end of this year, the details of which have yet to be finalized. All in all, it’s going to be a busy holiday season for GamesPad. But if all goes to plan, it should be mostly operational early in the new year. And from there, the sky’s the limit.

The Takeaway

The bottom line here is that GamesPad is a project that both developers and gamers should start paying attention to if they’re not already. It’s going to solve many of the key issues presently holding the GameFi market back, and should smooth the path forward for game developers to start building next-generation play-to-earn games that gamers will love. That’s a development that will change the face of the market as we know it today, allowing it to achieve its full potential much as the DeFi market did after getting over its early hurdles. In other words, GamesPad is a big deal – and is well worth keeping an eye on.

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