GAMEX: Good Combination of Gaming and NFT

July 12th, 2021 at 10:41 am UTC · 2 min read

GAMEX: Good Combination of Gaming and NFT

Photo: GameX

GameX is a community project founded by gamers around the world aiming to improve the gaming industry. GameX’s mission is to provide gaming related products of high quality and become one of the most important gaming stores in the world, where players can get their gaming gear, favorite games by a push of button.  In addition to this GAMEX token work on developing a gaming academy where everyone has the chance to get the exposure in the esports world by building the first GAMEX team across many esports games.

GAMEX tournament in esports gaming did launched based on many problems in the esports world (unprotected rights of esports participants, refusal of intermediaries in the payment of winnings, withdrawal of funds earned in-game and Donation’s chargebacks).

The concept behind GAMEX tournament is players can participate in many esports tournaments and get rewarded by GAMEX.

Launching GAMEX Studio was a key role to merge the cryptocurrency and gaming world by implementing in games NFT, developing several games based on the community idea play an important role in GAMEX policy, listening to players is what make a good project sustainable.

Because NFT and art are good combination.

GAMEX art is a place where art lovers can dive into abstract and creative collection of unique masterpieces designed by the most brilliant talented artists around the world.

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