The Garage Incubator Will Help Blockhain Projects in Paris

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The Garage Incubator Will Help Blockhain Projects in Paris
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New French fintech startup incubator called The Garage will help out young people building their own blockchain startups.

Damien Daube, The Garage director, said that he sat down with friends wondering “how a perfect blockchain development help hub can look,” thus they have decided to unite the practices from different companies and make the engineer-grade venture fund with fat roots in this new technology.

Per the crypto press, some “blockchain-consultants” are taking up to half of the emission of ICO tokens for their services. At the same time, The Garage offers an amazing 5% fee in equities taken in 6 months after the funding round. Damien noted:

“We copy and paste The Family’s model, which means that it’s built on trust. We take 5% of equity after six months if the startup and The Garage are happy”

The startup is co-founded by three pieces of a puzzle. Oussama Ammar came from the Family and has brought in many valuable corrections with Cyril Paglino from Starchain Capital adding more. The third part of the puzzle is Fabrice Le Fessant from the Dune Network. All three persons form the inner circle will lead the company to fast success using previously gathered experience.

What are the small companies from the blockchain sphere looking at by contacting The Garage in Paris, France? They need some PR and product-related advisory. The companies will get help pertaining to the market, press interactions, product management, online training, and so on, making their projects look better for a broader investing public.

The Garage already accumulates some of the top minds in the industry, including the Elite Chain, Ticket721, and Ipocamp people. As per the plan, venture fund will bring 25 chosen startups to traction, per year. It will facilitate help from large corporations working to accelerate the profit stats in this emerging space.

Dune Network is going to add some pepper to the dish. Previously, they were a part of OcamlPro, a blockchain startup that used to be incorporated with the Tezos Foundation. However, they have decided to part the ways with Tezos and create their blockchain from scratch by forking off the main branch of the project’s primary blockchain.

Now, software engineers who want to learn more about their industry and make lots of cash can come and work in the Garage. In the evening, a learning hub will give free programming lessons, accompanied by a website with resources as well. The Garage has picked a very stylish building for the task, making young French people more interested in looking inside and talking about the innovative space.

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