Gemie: Revolutionizing Entertainment Experiences for Metaverse in Asia

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Gemie: Revolutionizing Entertainment Experiences for Metaverse in Asia
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Trailblazing metaverse platform Gemie expounds on its vision, key features, and virtual experience afforded to celebrities and fans alike.

Gemie, Asia’s leading entertainment metaverse proponent, looks to connect high-ranking or A-list celebrities in the region to their teeming fans. Some of these celebrities include K-pop stars, actors and actresses, as well as television personalities and film franchises. The platform seeks to create a wholly immersive and dynamic virtual experience without the limitations of geographical boundaries. Through Gemie, featured celebrities can monetize their brand and creativity by custom-creating virtual planets and utility-focused NFTs.

Gemie fans will be able to collect a new class of merchandise on the platform, which presents both online and offline benefits. Gemie NFTs can be worn and used in the metaverse, but also come with additional perks. These benefits include access to different types of events, sales perks like discounted tickets, and NFTs tied to real-world items like props and other memorabilia. In addition, fans may also become privy to the Gemie DAO that grants users participation in decision-making processes on the platform.

Securing Key Partnerships and Generating Working Capital

Gemie has already secured partnerships with numerous high-profile artist management companies and film production houses in the region, and are actively approaching and closing new partnerships.  In Q2 of 2022, Gemie plans to reveal the first batch of celebrities that will officially use the platform

Last month, Gemie successfully concluded a funding round where it raised $3.8 million. The exercise was spearheaded by a trio of financial and crypto-centric venture capitalist firms, Shima Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Kenetic. Furthermore, other investing participants in the round include Newman Capital, Soul Capital, NGC Ventures, Sparks Digital Capital, ICO Pantera, SL2, Oddiyana Ventures, Beyond NEXT, QUDAX LLC, and AVStar Capital.

According to Gemie, the platform will utilize the latest round of  capital to accelerate the development of the Gemie Marketplace and the entertainment-themed metaverse. Gemie’s agenda comes as no surprise as the marketplace and entertainment metaverse serve as a playground for celebrity and fan interaction.

Gemie Co-founder Touches on Company’s Metaverse Ambitions

Gemie’s co-founder, John, weighed in on the platform’s core mission of connecting celebrities with fans. Asian celebrities have not necessarily enjoyed the same level of stardom as their Western counterparts,despite the fact that Asian celebrities have significantly recent cultural trends on a global level. As he put it:

“Pop culture and the entertainment landscape in Asia have their own dynamic and are very different from in the west. When you look at how K-pop has impacted the world, it’s not hard to realize it’s a powerful force. While we have seen western celebrities like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Travis Scott are well received in the metaverse, things are still relatively behind in the East.”

The Gemie co-founder also added that the team sees great potential in Asia for the entertainment industry to embrace new virtual methods of fan engagement, and that with his team’s experience, he has no doubt Gemie is poised to deliver the best metaverse platform for the sector.

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