GEMINI & NIMIGE is Freedom and Privacy, Hope and The Future

Place/Date: - August 14th, 2020 at 8:41 am UTC · 2 min read
Contact: GN, Source: GEMINI & NIMIGE

GEMINI & NIMIGE is Freedom and Privacy, Hope and The Future

In the past 10 years ago, the idea of decentralization has been like a light to guiding us on the path of privacy and freedom. The idea of decentralization has gained the consensus of all mankind.

And also, a more optimized and superior blockchain network technology had be created on every year.

The core of the blockchain network is transaction. Without transactions, the blockchain network will become obsolete.

A typical blockchain may have multiple participants: users, organizations, miners, exchanges, developers, engineers, investors, etc.

And now the users, miners and investors is together fusion. GN-Qubits, GN-Antiquantum ledger, GN-Quantum Algorithms, GN-Recognition, GN-Quantum Key Distribution, and Multi-network aggregation will reflect the only value of blockchain. This is GEMINI & NIMIGE.

2020 is a singularity of human civilization. The global economy has refreshed human’s understanding of various industries. Everything can be go through by Internet.

By then, the global wide-ranging Internet transactions have confirmed that it has become a new trend, and decentralized transactions can make people safer and more secure.

The GEMINI & NIMIGE Blockchain Technology laboratory was formally established in 2018. In the same year, it was awarded a global decentralized ideal consensus person for equity creation of 20 million US dollars in angel financing. It includes strategic partners Google, IBM, Entrust Datacard, Recruit, Infosys, Viperlink. As of 2020, its total transaction volume has reached 600 million US dollars.

In the autumn of this singularity, in September 2020, GEMINI & NIMIGE will officially launch the public chain mainnet dual quantum algorithm for on-chain computing power production.

At the same time, Asia’s top cultural and entertainment Ace Group announced that it will be able to use GEMINI & NIMIGE dual-chain GMN & NMG for all business activities.

And also Australia’s five major trading platforms AUFX also reached a consensus to join the GEMINI & NIMIGE ecological application, using GMN & NMG for financial foreign exchange transactions.

Nothing is eternal, only thoughts and ideas, and we are just a group of people who are looking for decentralized ideas from all over the world who want to change the world with decentralized ideas.

We will present a beautiful artwork to the world, which represents freedom and privacy, consensus and connection, hope and the future.

It will be built based on the concept and principles of Blockchain Technology network decentralization, free financial business and global privacy social network, multi-network interconnection ecology and full-dimensional transaction era.