General Motors Unveils Two New Chevy Bolt EV Models

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General Motors Unveils Two New Chevy Bolt EV Models
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The new Bolt EV and EUV products are a boost to General Motors’ plans to deliver as many as 30 EV brands to the market by the end of 2035. 

American multinational corporation with expertise in auto manufacture General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) has unveiled two new revamped models of the Chevy Bolt brand. As reported by The Verge, the two versions feature an updated Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) hatchback with longer range and new high-tech features, and the brand new Bolt Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) designed essentially as a compact SUV with more legroom and less range than the Bolt EV.

The rollout of new EV products has become imperative following stricter regulations in the space to churn out vehicles with little or no carbon emissions in a bid to fight climate change. The General Motors Chevy Bolt revamp is one of the firm’s ways of aligning with the future of EVs. While the Chevy Bolt is General Motors’ first attempt to delve into the growing market niche of EVs, the sales performance of the brand over the years has been bad due to stiff competition from other brands like the Tesla Model 3.

The changes made to the General Motors Chevy Bolt is all-encompassing, save for the retention of the battery technology. The two versions will still be utilizing GM’s BEV2 platform, an inferior battery technology, when compared to the more advanced Ultium Battery Pack, unveiled last year. The BEV2 powered cars have been tagged with battery fires but in these latest upgrades, General Motors has integrated a cooling technology to help tackle the incidence.

The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV models respectively will go on sale by the summer of this year but as a 2022 model. The price for the Chevrolet Bolt EV is $33,995 on a 250-mile range on a single charge while the Chevrolet Bolt EUV is priced at $43,495 and comes with a slightly higher spec than the former.

General Motors shares closed Friday’s session at 0.19% to $53.60 with a slight gain of 0.17% after hours.

Core Features of New General Motors Chevy Bolt Brands

Despite the Bolt EV and EUV sharing similar architecture, they are quite distinct in their designs with the Bolt EUV version boasting a 6-inches extra length compared to the Bolt EV. Both versions also do not share any external metal part, making them unique in their own ways.

The 10-inch streaming screen is retained in both versions with the physical buttons on the dashboard designed to be smoother than the older version. According to The Verge, the other new additions include the light bar in the top of the steering wheel and the infrared sensor on the steering column.

These features are components of GM’s Super Cruise assisted driving system, which uses cameras, radar, and mapping data to allow users to drive hands-free on divided highways. The Super Cruise feature is not a complete self-driving feature, it will still require the driver to maintain focus during navigation.

The new Bolt EV and EUV products are a boost to General Motors’ plans to deliver as many as 30 EV brands to the market by the end of 2035.

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