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Girand: In The Lost City – A New Chapter In the GameFi Industry

January 23rd, 2024 at 8:43 pm UTC · 4 min read

Girand: In The Lost City – A New Chapter In the GameFi Industry

Dubai /Girand/ – The GameFi sector is developing at a rapid pace with the growing number of new projects and engaged communities worldwide. However, players often complain about the lack of dynamics and personalization in most existing projects. In this regard, we’re happy to be welcoming you to the new game – GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY, that’s a real breath of fresh air for the entire industry.

Briefly about the Game

The game world setting takes us into a dark fantasy inspired by the works of Lovecraft and the ancient Greek myths about Atlantis. Players are offered to explore the enigmatic ocean floor and extract resources and rare NFT artifacts.

The player’s mission is to protect the kingdom from ruthless monsters that break in through the gap in its magical defense. Collecting artifacts, upgrading heroes, and participating in battles with minions of the Ancient God adds unprecedented depths to gameplay.

Girand’s gameplay offers wide opportunities for players. In the beginning, a player chooses his hero and Torgan Defender, which is the soul of legendary heroes of the past. Each soul can be customized to enhance the hero’s abilities. The mission is to protect the kingdom from monsters; in return, players receive rare energy rings and NFTs artifacts. The combat mechanics in Girand are exciting RPG adventures with unique combinations of abilities.

GIRAND – the New GameFi Generation

GIRAND is a true virtual adventure where every player becomes part of a thrilling universe. Unlike other GameFi projects, GIRAND focuses on innovative game mechanics and a variety of approaches to tokenomics.

GIRAND has a unique game mode – MODA (Multiplayer Online Defense Arena), created specifically for eSports fans, offering exciting multiplayer battles and ushering in a new era in the world of virtual tournaments.

Quality is in the details – developers created an original soundtrack to the GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY trailer, ideally matching the game’s ambiance.

Girand’s Economy

One of GIRAND’s developers’ purposes was the creation of a game at the intersection of Web2 and Web3. Players who are not into crypto may easily access the virtual world via Telegram and automatically receive a wallet.

The GIRAND team strived to create a sustainable economic system. The best industry specialists working on the creation of the game did their best to avoid the main problem of GameFi projects – the Ponzi scheme, and succeeded. This was achieved thanks to a set of measures, but the basis is that the gameplay, graphics, and universe should involve the player much better than the possibility of earning.

Girand’s NFT-centric gaming economy offers players the opportunity to earn. The tax system and restrictions on the amount of payments for PvE activity create a sustainable and balanced approach to gaming operations, encouraging active participation in various aspects of the Girand world.

“Girand: in the Lost City” stands out from traditional games thanks to its real market economy, NFT integration, and social interactions. Players can trade resources, participate in tournaments, and create guilds for large-scale battles and raids.

An important element of the project is the possibility of mining rare NFTs in the vast metaverse. NFT minting occurs through the creation of new races without affecting the value of existing ones. It helps maintain demand for collected artifacts, giving the game economy stability.

GLC Token

The game has its deflationary Girand token – GLC. Players use it for different actions within the game, as well as staking, farming, and voting for decisions on the metaverse development. The token can be obtained as a reward for farming and staking and the following actions in the game:

  • Creating and developing a new guild
  • Getting into the top rating
  • Part taking in boss raids
  • Participation in large-scale battles.

Token owners can use it for improving their NFT hero, getting energy rings and artifacts, creating a new guild, shopping, staking, farming, voting, and on the project’s partners’ sites.

A Professional Team Is the Key to Success

The GIRAND team brings together experienced specialists, including those who worked for such giants as, 1C, and Blizzard. With a team spread across the globe and headquartered in Dubai, GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY is bringing together talent from all over the world.

Sergey Fominyh, the creator and CEO of the project, is a professional in the field of IT development, business, and graphic design, and a qualified investor on the stock exchange.

The GIRAND team constantly monitors the latest technological and industrial trends, ensuring the game is regularly updated, taking into account modern player expectations.

The GIRAND team plans to host a big tournament in late 2024. Since the game’s launch, players will have a whole year ahead to prepare for this spectacular offline final in the UAE.



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