Glass Chain/GLS: Powerful Innovation Transforming Blockchain Space and Making Customers Wealthy

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Glass Chain/GLS: Powerful Innovation Transforming Blockchain Space and Making Customers Wealthy
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Glass Chain is an innovation that is changing the blockchain space and improving important aspects of the network.

At the moment, there are so many decentralized apps developed in the blockchain network. In fact, there are more than 4000 dApps used all over the world and in various industries that include optometry, gambling, health, gaming, insurance, and many more.

These apps have been seen as effective tools over the last decade. Some of the major drivers of the increased use of Blockchain by developers include scalability, decentralization, transparency, immutability, among others.

However, just like every other technology, the existing blockchain networks are limited in so many ways; this is why so many markets are still skeptical about its use.

First, it is more difficult to grow the capacity of current blockchain networks available to handle more transactions. This implies that scalability has remained a major problem. In addition, the inability to implement the execution of codes and a few programming languages are some of the primary limitations affecting the adoption of blockchain.

For example, the functions of and sovereignty of technology are limited because the governance of blockchain has control over all applications built on it. This implies that even when there is an ecosystem that solves the issue of scalability, usability, and sovereignty, there are still other challenges that include creating ways to bridge the gap between independent blockchain.

Also, these systems focus on investors while consumers are made to only bear the costs of buying a product with no further benefits. Due to this, there is a need for a new system that can address all these challenges and limitations. Glass Chain is the answer.

Glass Chain is a decentralized environment that delivers interoperability, scalability with other ecosystems and diversifies usability. In addition, this ecosystem boasts a commendable and unique workflow.

This cross-chain network is built to integrate the Internet and blockchain technologies dedicated to the science of optics, consulting services, traceability, sales, and customers of optics products. Glass Chain provides online optometry medical services for the Public and establishes personal vision health files.

Developed after 54 months of hard work and breakthrough, Glass Chain adopts the consumption capital business model where consumers who buy Glass Chain products are seen as investors too.

The system makes it possible for consumers to be considered as investors, unlike other industries where consumers are rewarded with only the product they pay for and not for other efforts made in using and advertising such products.

For instance, in the regular shopping process, customers buy products and get only the items they shop for, but because they are using the company products they are also to be considered as promoters and advertisers. In other words, they are investors. But when a company shares their profit, they never share it with this set of people.

The story is not different in the stock exchange market, where customers buy shares and are only paid dividends for the share that they bought. When the right time comes to take part in huge profits as investors, they are totally neglected.

What about the crypto world? So many customers buy tokens from different currencies and also invite their friends to partake in the token sales, but their profit ends there. While they are advertisers and promoters of the company products, they gain nothing in reward. This is quite discouraging to the customers and can adversely affect the business.

However, the story is entirely different from Glass Chain. In this new mining process, when people purchase items, the smart contract is automatically triggered to start the mining process.

On this new Internet + blockchain platform, people not only get their products but also as the investor gets what their share of profit? Isn’t this amazing?

In the end, it is a win-win situation, where consumers get the products they paid for and are also rewarded with tokens that they mined, which can be traded on various trading platforms.

The goal is to make the consumers richer while shopping online. This is one primary feature that makes Glass Chain worth the investment. The platform values customer satisfaction and places you first before others.

Glass Chain understands that the success of its platform depends on how happy the customers are and this is why so many people are already showing interest in shopping for the GLS tokens.

Furthermore, Glass Chain makes use of the public chain + para chain architecture to increase TPS. Para chain is a solution used in extending the blockchain into enterprise business.

Parachain and Public Blockchain run together at the same time to save TPS and waiting time. They make use of the same consensus network, connected to the main chain node through a unique Remote Procedure Call (“gRPC”) interface. With the use of para chains in executing transactions, the public chain becomes stronger, thereby ensuring the stability of the entire blockchain network.

Furthermore, Glass Chain is a decentralized platform that adopts the decentralized storage style. Here all blocks are referenced by the pointer of the previous black to ensure that data isn’t tampered with. The Advanced Encryption Standard (“AES”) algorithm is used to encrypt the private key. The platform is also designed to have a unique API Interface that reduces unnecessary memory copies by saving resources using better throughput and low latency.

In addition, the contracts generated by the Glass Chain for the credit investigation system, smart payment system, and full-chain supernodes will be placed in this collection. All developers will inherit the contracts of the open-source chain to derive and use transactions suitable for their industries. The contract Glass Chain reduces the developer’s development work, quickly implements DAPP, and applies it.


Finally, Glass Chain is indeed a powerful innovation that is changing the blockchain space and improving important aspects of the network. For instance, it ensures scalability within the system, reduces system failure, and gives room for better communication while accelerating application development. In addition, it is also secure and compatible with smart contracts, which allow developers to build application-specific blockchain for the eye care industry in less time. Glass Chain uses the Chain199-DeCom system and increases the efficiency of automatic commodity circulation and the on-chain management of participants in the physical industry ecology to achieve the digital transformation of enterprises.

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