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Global Blockchain Platform Stands For Sustainable Future of the Blockchain Space

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Global Blockchain Platform Stands For Sustainable Future of the Blockchain Space
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Global Blockchain, a promising investment startup, is to open investors access to trustful crypto assets with perspective future.

The cryptocurrency world is unique. Since it is not controlled by the government anymore, everyone has the freedom to launch his project on the blockchain and raise money through token generation events (TGEs).

But, the problem is that nobody knows much about the companies they are investing in, and there is not much credible infrastructure in place to incubate these blockchain startups and help them grow while driving them towards long term sustainable development.

The number of token sales is also exploding as everyone can launch a new project quite easily, but it is obvious that not all of these new tokens are going to be a success. There is a need for an independent token selection and incubation process, selective of new tokens and responsible for the money that it is entrusted.

Global Blockchain is a unique platform that represents itself a solution to this issue. The platform is backed by a vertically integrated holding company, which stands for the future of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

The startup is managed by industry pioneers who have been working in blockchain and bitcoin sector for almost a decade and have survived its highs and lows. With the help of the platform, the team is going to conduct a long research each year in order to choose only 12 token systems and let them be a part of their system.

Global Blockchain understands that the time of betting wildly on new coin offerings is coming to an end. Investors need to have confidence that their investments are not going to be wasted and will be a success, at least in a long-term vision.

The Global Blockchain will provide the first in-house incubator and resources to unlock the potential of many blockchain-based projects that need traction and direction to succeed. They include initial investment, technical expertise and even legal support if they need. Only once a blockchain startup is ready, it is given a green signal to undergo a TGE. The startup only selects a limited number of tokens per year since it is important to focus on genuine projects that have the potential to grow into a scalable company.

So, basically, the Global Blockchain aims to push forward a new concept in the Blockchain space that eschews wild guessing and provides a pillar for the development of new tokens at the same time. It is high time that the Blockchain investors, developers and general community realize that the future of blockchain technology is at stake here, and only a more responsible bottom-up approach can work in the future. This is where Global Blockchain is gearing to maximize possibility of a sustainable future of the Blockchain space.

The team of Global Blockchain includes CEO Rik Willard, a pioneer in branded digital development projects, David Drake, Michael Terpin, Jim Rogers, Gary Rubinoff, Manie Eagar and David Wachsman. It brings wide experience of digital incubation, tech development and, of course, previous blockchain technology experience to the table.

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