Global Chia Hackathon is Open for Submissions with a $500,000 Prize Pool

Place/Date: - August 12th, 2021 at 6:51 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Sirius Labs, Source: Global Chia Hackathon

Create and Build on Chia Network. Buckle up and Hop on a Rocket to Sirius!

On August 12, 2021, the Global Chia Hackathon, organized by Sirius Labs and supported by Chia Network, officially opens for submissions. The theme of the Hackathon is Create and Build_ . This event aims to attract strong technical teams and developers to see what can be built on Chia Network.

As of present, over 100+ registrations have been received globally.

Global Chia Hackathon participants will have the opportunity to compete to split an overall prize pool of $500,000 (in USDT/USDC), with a Grand Prize valued at $100,000 (in USDT/USDC). In addition, winners will also become eligible for participation in a $500,000 – $1,000,000 seed fund investment by the event sponsors. The first 100 teams who are chosen to participate may receive limited edition blockchain collectables (depending on availability).

Global Chia Hackathon is Open for Submissions with a $500,000 Prize Pool


  • August 9-11: The Chialisp training camp will take place entirely online on the Chialisp website. We will have experienced Chialisp mentors available for a Q&A session, including Mattew Hauff, Matt Howard, Adam Kelly, and Richard Kiss. Please visit the website to view the schedule and details.
  • August 12-September 15: Official project submissions open on August 12th on Devpost or Hackerlink (limited to Asia), and the preliminary selection by the judges will start on September 1st.
  • September 8-15: Finalists will be required to present their final products to a panel of judges. Well-known developers, investment firms and media members will also join this workshop, which encompasses a series of events including an online live stream, AMA, meet-ups and more.
  • September 17: The winners will be announced. The winning projects will have opportunities to receive seed round funding offers.


The Chia ecosystem is continuing to grow everyday as more farmers and developers join the network. The number of global farmers is expected to reach 500,000, which is enough to establish a large number of Chia based applications. As Chialisp matures, the expansion of the Chia ecosystem becomes the priority moving forwards.

Chia adopts the unique consensus mechanism – PoST, Proof of Time and Space. PoST uses a verifiable delay function, which makes the network resistant against external attacks. By using PoST, the Chia Network has lower transaction fees, faster transaction speeds, and is more environment-friendly, making it very suitable for developing decentralized applications.

Chia is still in its very early stages and the ecosystem still has much room to grow. The future possibilities of Chia are endless.

The theme of the upcoming hackathon is Create and Build_, and the themes include but are not limited to:

  • Improved Layer2
  • Improved DeFi
  • Improved NFTs
  • GameFi
  • Wallets and tools

How to Join

Visit Devpost or Hackerlink ­(Limited to Asia) and complete your submission.

If you have successfully submitted your project, please wait for the organizer to contact you to obtain your exclusive NFT.

Developers can follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Developers who do not currently have a project for submission can also form or join other teams in our Discord group to jointly transform ideas into projects!

Partners: continually updating:

Chia Network, Hpool, Spacepool, Devpost, Dorahacks, TrueEdge Capital, GDA Capital, WaterDrip Capital, AC Capital, Cipholio Ventures, Amplio Capital, hotbit, Akash Network.

Media Support: continually updating:

Coindesk, Cointelegraph, ChainNews, Newsbtc, Coinspeaker, Cryptonews, Cryptopress.

For more news about the Hackathon please visit Website, Github and Reddit accounts, Twitter, Discord, DeVpost and Dorahacks.