NESSIE PROTOCOL (LNM) – The First Community-driven Defi Adventure Token!

August 12th, 2021 at 12:06 pm UTC · 3 min read

NESSIE PROTOCOL (LNM) – The First Community-driven Defi Adventure Token!

NESSIE is a token for adventurous investors who would like to profit just by holding this cryptocurrency. NESSIE is a fully automated protocol. Once created, the percent distribution will not be changed. 2% is distributed to holders, 1% is automatically burned, and 1% goes to an LP, which is only used for NESSIE future projects. However, before we discuss the token itself, let us speak about its features and what makes the token stand out from other cryptocurrencies that flooded the market.

What is a Community-driven Coin?

A community-driven token is a project that has no particular owner. Instead, it has a community-driven development that allows the community to control the processes related to a cryptocurrency. We all know, if we work together, we produce better results than if we were to operate alone. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, and they represent an alternative transacting method. In order to achieve that, a wide community acceptance is required. A cryptocurrency project based on blockchain technology requires a constantly progressing public network for its function.

There is an engagement between the community and the cryptocurrency on several levels:

  • The level of coin distribution

The projects allow the participation of the community. There is often a clear and transparent block reward system. NESSIE also has a certain block-reward program distributed to the owners in order to support the network.

  • The level of development and decision making

The two main pillars of any cryptocurrency, including NESSIE, is decentralization and democracy. To be more exact, the prerequisite for the aforementioned democracy is decentralization. There is no centralized body that can make a decision for you as well as hold anything valuable for you.

Now that we have covered the basics of community-driven decentralized tokens, we can discuss NESSIE, as it is not only decentralized but driven by the community, too. There is an automated distribution on each transaction that goes to the community. To be more specific, the users of the NESSIE protocol receive a NESSIE token for each transaction they execute. The whitepaper for the token was already released where it is stated that the NESSIE smart contract extracts 1% on each transaction and adds it to the liquidity pool. This pool only increases with time, which means that the token will only grow in price. Eventually, the funds in this pool will be implemented for upcoming projects chosen by the community.

Are you excited yet? We bet you are. All adventurers are destined to explore, and this is the best opportunity to embark on a mission of finding the most mysterious creature, NESSIE. Join the community, discover the unknown, find NESSIE. Here is how.

We are sure you have heard about a mysterious creature lurking in the dark. There have been many attempts to find this creature, but only a few luckies were able to get a glimpse of NESSIE. Our goal is to make your expedition of finding NESSIE real. Right now, you are one step away from finding NESSIE in the depths of the internet. It is a lifetime opportunity one cannot afford to miss. To all explorers at heart, find NESSIE today and become a proud owner of the most rare and exciting token there is. With NESSIE, you can stake and yield. Become a successful investor with NESSIE tokens and generate wealth.