When Global Leaders Need Suppliers, They Turn to Robotina

April 9th, 2018 at 10:28 am UTC · 2 min read

Robotina, a Slovenian company with almost thirty years experience in delivering energy solutions, has supplied thousands of String Monitoring Boxes (SMB) to ABB, the global leader in pioneering digital technologies, thus enabling greater control, productivity and cost efficiency in ABB’s solar power delivery.

For more than four decades, ABB has been at the forefront of digital technology innovation.  The company, with over a century of heritage, operates globally and employs more than 130,000 people. Such success can only be built through partnership, and it has developed an excellent relationship with Robotina.

SMB’s assist in the monitoring of solar power systems and Robotina leads the way in developing systems that drive energy efficiency. The future of all industry is green, and companies like Robotina are leading the way, designing and supplying the technology required to solve the global energy crisis.

Now, just as ABB has benefited, so can all of us, as Robotina plans to expand its services into our homes. The team at Robotina has developed an Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device; a smart Internet of Things module that senses your energy usage, relaying this information back to Robotina.

But this is not just about data collection: Robotina can operate your energy system remotely, switching appliances on when the price is lowest, turning them off when they are not in use, and optimizing savings for you by using local weather forecasts to predict when your heating or air conditioning needs to be on. Their EMS has clear implication and applications for homes, buildings, businesses, retail, and manufacturing.

Exciting developments for 2018

Robotina’s crowdsale is running right now, as they continue to raise capital to extend their platform development on a massive scale.

The ROX token, which will be launched as part of Robotina’s Initial Coin Offering, consumers will have the chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting development. ROX token-holders will benefit from discounts when these services go live and will have the chance to benefit from the investment opportunities afforded by the cryptocurrency revolution.

Global leaders like ABB know strong partnerships are the key to success; now all of us can benefit from having the expertise of Robotina in our homes and businesses, making the right energy-saving decisions for us.

Find out more here by reading the Robotina whitepaper, lightpaper and watch the concept video.