Global Nodes Recruitment for FilSky Sky Mining Pool, Leading a New Round of Projects in the Blockchain Industry

Place/Date: - July 6th, 2020 at 7:58 pm UTC · 5 min read
Source: FilSky

Global Nodes Recruitment for FilSky Sky Mining Pool, Leading a New Round of Projects in the Blockchain Industry

The emergence of Bitcoin has driven the rise of digital cryptocurrencies. Digital currency is an inevitable trend as the entire socioeconomic landscape continuously develops. At the same time, blockchain has become popular with entrepreneurs, large companies, and capital markets. The rapid popularization and development of blockchain in all parts of the world have created a good momentum and conducive environment for the blockchain industry.

IPFS – Leading the World into a New Era of Distributed Storage

IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) has been a very popular term within the blockchain industry in recent years. With the continuous development and increased use cases of IPFS, more and more designers and development teams will use IPFS to create and design mobile applications and services in the future. So, what kind of magic does it possess exactly to captivate so many people?

Since 2017, distributed storage projects, as represented by IPFS, have attracted a lot of attention and publicity in the last 3 years due to its high integration with blockchain technology. Hundreds of new companies have actively invested in the exploration and development of the distributed storage field, and gradually formed an emerging industry with a market size of nearly 100 billion, and a potential market cap of more than 1 trillion.

As the underlying communication protocol of next-gen Internet, IPFS has been successfully used in data storage, file transmission, network video, social media, decentralized transactions and other fields. Software, applications and platforms built on IPFS are rebuilding the entire Internet. Distributed storage represented by IPFS is an indispensable infrastructure in the process of developing and applying cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. It is also a necessity for China’s journey into a new digital society.

Choose FilSky Sky Mining Pool Now, Don’t Miss Out on the Early Mining Bonus of IPFS!

Making the right choices is more important than working hard. Follow the right trends, and you will accomplish more with less. This is a theory that resonates with many, including entrepreneurs and investors. For example, buying bonds in 2008; buying gold in 2010; investing in the Internet in 2013; buying BTC in 2015; and buying ETC in 2016.

But these belongs to the past. What are the grand trends in 2020? I think IPFS/Filecoin will be one of them. Lei Jun, Chinese billionaire and co-founder of Xiaomi, once said that entrepreneurship is all about “finding a spaceship that can fly Neil Armstrong onto the Moon,” and this “spaceship” is the mega-trend of the current era. When you see the trend clearly, you will have the power to act clearly.

The FilSky team has taken hold of the “spaceship”, and have geared up for a massive battle ahead. FilSky is a distributed mine based on IPFS/Filecoin’s global presence. Distributed storage mines have been established in Shenzhen, Nanyang, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinzheng, Xinxiang and other top data centers, while mines in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea will be completed soon. The construction of these mines will be gradually completed in accordance to regulated plans, while the stability of mining activities is continuously guaranteed with strict on-site management, fully automated operations, and maintenance management.

By building a new blockchain infrastructure data storage business, FilSky Sky Mining Pool lowers the investment threshold for investors, and allows everyone to enjoy the dividends brought by Filecoin miners!

FilSky Sky Mining Pool Has Officially Started Nodes Recruitment Globally, and Invites You to Witness the Future Together

In order to expand the influence of the FilSky Sky, the mining pool developed based on blockchain technology is now recruiting nodes globally. The first phase is open for the recruitment of 20 nodes – limited quota, first-come-first-served!

30,000 U Node Assessment requirements:

  • The first month’s performance must be higher than 300,000 U, while the performance for following months cannot be less than 100,000 U after;
  • When setting up a local branch, there must be a working office that is equipped with official FilSky posters (subjected to video review);
  • Must own an active community, and ensure that FilSky project sharing sessions are conducted daily within the community;

30,000U nodes enjoys the following benefits:

  • 7% node dividends;
  • Prioritized participation in 300 hash calculations;
  • Promotion to L1 level, and enjoy the corresponding rewards;
  • Allowed to participate in dialogues with the company’s operating group and senior management;
  • The top 5 performing nodes are allowed to partake in global year-end dividends;
  • Permitted to bring a team for mine inspections (limited allocations);
  • Terms and Conditions apply;

The last thing I want to say is that if you don’t know how to follow the trend, you won’t benefit no matter how much effort you’ve put in. IPFS/Filecoin will be the biggest trend of blockchain in 2020, and we are at the eye of the storm, FilSky Sky Mining Pool will work together with you all the way, as we believe that perseverance is victory!