Glovarry’s Token $GLOV Seed Sale Starts from 27th April

April 26th, 2022 at 7:48 pm UTC · 3 min read

Glovarry’s Token $GLOV Seed Sale Starts from 27th April
Photo: Glovarry

Glovarry team is pleased to announce the Seed Sale of its $GLOV Token, it is start to begin from 27th April, 2022. A next-gen NFT marketplace, which is geared to change the NFT space with its revolutionary mechanism that will change how people use NFTs.

It intends to allow anyone interested in NFTs to create their Marketplace with limitless swap alternatives while leveraging the feature of the Cardano blockchain – security and low gas prices.

Further details of Seed Sale can be found here.

The Glovarry platform will use a Proof-of-Stake protocol that compensates users for confirming transactions on the network.

According to the Project manager, “Glovarry will provide creators with unlimited creative freedom to express themselves while bringing their visions to reality. In addition, it will enable these creators to maintain greater control over their work.” Interestingly, collectors can exchange their NFTs for NFTs, Tokens, or NFTs with Tokens on different chains. Primarily, the Glovarry solution will enable NFT holders to combine their NFT and add up with their Ada to swap for a token.

The Glovarry Token

The Glovarry team recently announced its utility token to enable holders to perform different tasks. Token holders can mint, stake, swap, and provide liquidity using the $GLOV token. In addition, the token allows holders to collect NFTs on the Cardano network.

Glovarry Tokenomic

  • The total supply for the $GLOV token is 500 million
  • Public Sale – 40% (200,000,000)
  • Team & Advisors – 10% (50,000,000)
  • Liquidity and Listing – 20% (100,000,000)
  • Marketing – 10% (50,000,000)
  • Locked Funds – 20% (100,000,000)

Glovarry Seed Sale

The seed sale of the $GLOV token is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022. During this period, the price of 1 $GLOV will be equivalent to 0.0060 ADA. The minimum purchase is 300 ADA (50000 $GLOV), whereas the maximum is 30000 ADA (5,000,000 $GLOV).

To buy the $GLOV token, you can buy ADA from any exchange and send it to your Cardano support wallets like Adalite, Daedalus, and Yoroi.

This sale round is intended for a very limited number of people which will be due to the minimum contribution limit for the seed sale participants and the limited number of tokens they are ready to release.

Glovarrs who purchases $10,000 ADA worth of $Glov tokens will be referred to as the Cullinans and will be the first bidders of their rarest NFTs, will be the first when they get to ISPO, and will be part of the decision-makers of the Glovarry project going forward. Cullinans will be gifted a Glovarry Founding member NFT that would unlock exclusive rewards and whitelist positions in the Glovarry NFT Marketplace.

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