GMP – Global Metrology Project

October 19th, 2017 at 1:20 pm UTC · 4 min read

GMP is a prospective international business project in the sphere of highly precise measurement, demanded in many branches of human activity. GMP is aimed at creating a network of metrological centers and innovative technology clusters worldwide.

GMP was developed by the Russian specialists at the request of private companies and state organizations (including the military-industrial complex enterprises) for the purpose of making precise measurements and expert examinations, production quality control, checking conformity of goods and services to the existing international standards, ensuring precision in research works, providing life safety of citizens.

Few people know about this, but this is a fait accompli (accomplished fact) that metrology has become a science without which no specialist can work in any industry. That is why GMP centers will be a reliable strategic partner to any commercial or state company or small business enterprise in the sphere of measurement unification, testing and standardization to meet the needs of industry, agriculture, сonstruction, medicine, transportations, trade. GMP addresses the needs of the Eurasian countries in the sphere of traceability of measurements in conformity with the quality management standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO/IEC 17025:2005

According to our ambitious but realistic plans more than 200 GMP centers will be opened in 70 сountries.

Our ambitious plans include the achievement of leading market positions in the sphere of metrology on the international scale, active cooperation with transnational сompanies and federal state institutions, development and implementation of the most innovative ideas in different branches of social activity.

One of the most important aims of the project is creating and developing a separate scientific platform – the innovative technology Clusters – on the foundation of GMP projects! Four Clusters will open their doors in the countries of Asia and Europe in the near future.

The main objective of the Clusters lies in uniting the best specialists from different scientific areas in order to develop and implement the most prospective ideas and innovative inventions of the our time. The solutions of such problems as renewable energy, future medicine, artificial intelligence, quantum computer, bioinformatics and other topics of concern to humanity, will contribute to the consolidation of hundreds of scientists within the Clusters’ walls. Over time Clusters will become a scientific platform for generation and implementation of 1000 stunning projects. They are expected to pay off and constantly bring profit to investors.

The data from the leading metrological centers of the world situated in the USA, the UK, Australia demonstrates that the return of investment into metrology in high-technology industries can reach up to 400%. In some of them which are the most advanced such as new material and nanotechnology the investment return can reach 1,000 %!

The planned amount of investments required for the successful implementation of the Project is equivalent to 450,000,000 USD. In order to significantly accelerate the processes of scaling up and implementation of the  Project at the international level the Project management decided to conduct an ITO and release the GMP Project
tokens. And it’s just a question of time to find investors willing to support and take part in scientific field, which undoubtedly moves parallel along rapidly developing crypto world.

Pre-ITO ends October30, 2017.

The division of the project funding into stages is justified by the desire of the Project team to demonstrate to the investors the implementation of intentions, as well as to provide reports on the progress of the Project towards the intended goals.

The GMP project will regularly generate ever new projects, conduct ICOs and distribute new tokens among the holders of GMP tokens. 60% of the financial revenues from copyrights and research patents will be distributed pro rata among the holders of GMP tokens annually.

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Sergey Maltcev

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