Google Parent Company Alphabet Is on Its Way to 1 Trillion Dollars in Valuation

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Google Parent Company Alphabet Is on Its Way to 1 Trillion Dollars in Valuation
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It has become known that Alphabet is rising above regulatory issues which leads to positive financial results.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, might soon become the next tech company with a valuation of one trillion dollars. If it achieves this feat it would be the fourth U.S. company to do so, going down in history.

Alphabet and Its Recent Journey to 1 Trillion

Yesterday, Alphabet’s valuation began moving past $990 billion, with $10 billion standing between it and $1 trillion. The company, even with all of its impressive successes, has not had the best of times recently. Just like Facebook, the tech giant has had to grapple several allegations regarding a breach of privacy. In addition to this, allegations have hit some of its top officials, which has made the road a little bumpy.

Furthermore, Coinspeaker reported in December that founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were stepping down. As they left, Sundar Pichai who headed Google was promoted to Alphabet CEO. At the time of the announcement, many thought that this might be a little too much responsibility for Pichai. Recent announcements, like this one, have proven otherwise.

Barely 2 weeks into 2020, the company’s shares have already pumped about 7 percent as Pichai makes profitable moves. Alphabet’s main business which is online advertising is seeing steady and considerable growth. Already, tech giants including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, have achieved the one-trillion-dollar feat.

Alphabet’s Problems

In the U.S., federal authorities as well as those from a few states, are investigating the company. The investigations are based on allegations that Google unreasonably stifled the growth of its competitors. Because of these issues, Alphabet is looking at more regulation, to curb the company’s alleged excesses.

In the UK specifically, the Competition and Markets Authority is biting down on the company. This may lead to forcing Google to reveal more details than usual, about its core business.

In 2018, issues were raised when it was discovered that Android co-founder Andy Rubin received a $90 million severance package. This was allegedly paid regardless of Rubin being forced out of the company for an improper relationship with junior staff.

Apparently, Alphabet is weathering all of these storms.


Pichai is reportedly paying a lot of attention to Waymo, the company’s brand of autonomous vehicles. Currently, Waymo is blazing the trail in this department, but Alphabet is still throwing a lot of money into research and development. Coinspeaker reported last month that financial services firm Wedbush Securities Inc. predicts that by 2030, Alphabet will have spent about $1 trillion on Waymo.

Microsoft Ends Windows 7

A recent announcement from Google’s potential trillion-dollar “colleague” Microsoft states that the company will discontinue Windows 7 support. In an official publication, the company has said that Windows 7 support is ending today, on January 14.

The company has advised that users with PCs less than three years old can upgrade to Windows 10 for $139. However, for PCs older than three years, Microsoft advises users to buy a new Windows 10 device.

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