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Google and Yahoo Added Bitcoin Price to Their Financial Tools Following Bloomberg

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Google and Yahoo Added Bitcoin Price to Their Financial Tools Following Bloomberg
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Yahoo! Finance along with Google Finance introduced bitcoin into their price list.

After Bloomberg decided to incorporate bitcoin into its trading terminal in the end of April and a computational answer engine WolframAlpha included the digital currency, Yahoo! Finance followed the trend. The company involved bitcoin in the list of its fiat currencies.

According to Yahoo, this step was taken after a number of the site users asked to add the feature. The firm’s spokesperson said: “We’ve added bitcoin to Yahoo Finance because it’s something our users are interested in – adoption of bitcoin is becoming more commonplace, and we feel it is relevant to our industry and to our users.”

The bitcoin integration into the site will provide the latest price information to the potentially new users. As of May 2012, Yahoo! Finance was the leading news and research website in the United States with over 37.5 million visitors a month.

The reaction to bitcoin adoption was rather positive. Reddit users noted that it is the significant move that provides further promotion for the digital currency.

“This is literally the best news I’ve had all day, and the day is still young!” said one of the users. “Another nice stamp of approval,” stated another commentor.

It is unknown what source of data the website is using, but it was noted the Bitstamp exchange could be the one. The information is still to be approved.

Just after Yahoo’s recent bitcoin adoption, another super large corporation decided to make the virtual money available on its website. Google Finance introduced a bitcoin price tracker that will provide market data on main fiat currencies. Besides, it will include the latest digital currency news.

The bitcoin prices are available in pound sterling, yen, euro, renminbi, Australian and Canadian dollars.

The new tool allows Google Finance users to convert bitcoin to a wide range of fiat currencies, among others Bangladeshi taka and Yemeni rial.

The company still did not give any comments on the news.

Google Finance design is simple in use and has easy navigation. It is similar to Yahoo! Finance, although it applies different layout scheme. Moreover, Yahoo doesn’t include price conversions service.

In the past, Google’s team has already suggested that the company would adopt bitcoin in the future. Thus, in March, Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, noted at the conference in Texas that virtual money is “inevitable”.

Last month, a new application, called Nod to Pay, allowed Google Glass wearers to pay in bitcoin. This technological development will provide further promotion of the cryptocurrency.

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