Gorilix Weathers the Crypto Storm During Successful Presale

Place/Date: - July 4th, 2022 at 4:14 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Gorilix

Gorilix Weathers the Crypto Storm During Successful Presale

The cryptocurrency market took a historic beating in Q2 2022, and Q3 has only just begun. Despite market conditions, Gorilix has launched a remarkably resilient presale of its upcoming token, SILVA. The token has risen more than 150% in value since its June launch, putting it on track for a strong September 6 launch on Uniswap.

The collapse of Terra USD did more than crater the investments of people who had banked heavily on that token’s success. Its demise called into question the basic value propositions of most tokens, causing investors to look at the market with renewed skepticism. For many tokens besides Terra USD, hype and unwarranted optimism have often distracted investors from the unrealistic expectations on which crypto valuations are based.

It’s an interesting environment in which to launch a new token, but Gorilix believes that this is the right time for its vision. SILVA combines a low barrier of entry with a suite of features that directly mirror the most prominent strengths of fiat-currency markets: the ability to lend and borrow, along with incentives to save.

Gorilix is built on the Ethereum mainnet, which gives its holders access to a huge and still-growing array of opportunities. When users of Ethereum-based dApps need liquidity to complete transactions, Gorilix users can provide it. When investment opportunities present themselves, holders of SILVA can borrow Ether while collateralizing their portfolios. Lending and borrowing are seamless, transparent processes under the Gorilix DeFi protocol. Lenders declare the amounts they wish to lend, and borrowers declare what they seek to borrow. The system matches users from each side of the equation.

And at all other times, Gorilix rewards buy-and-hold investors with incentives modeled on traditional interest calculations. When SILVA’s value increases, so does the benefit of holding it. This feature is designed to maintain significant levels of liquidity, even when other tokens suffer.

The full Gorilix development roadmap calls for an NFT marketplace, a full suite of DeFi tools and utilities, and support for multi-token assets staking, among other features. But the fundamental value proposition behind the token is simple: Gorilix supports users who support each other and rewards investors who help solidify the token’s value.

The early weeks of its presale have underscored the power of this simple vision. After its initial valuation of $0.008, SILVA has surged to more than $0.0204, an increase of 155%. The presale’s first stage is scheduled to end on July 20, 2022, and the limited quantities of SILVA available in subsequent stages may well send its price considerably higher as it approaches its official launch in early September.

In uncertain times, people turn to what they know. The process of lending and borrowing predates currency itself, making Gorilix an especially forward-thinking cryptocurrency that remains extraordinarily rooted in the fundamentals of human commerce. It may not be an entirely revolutionary concept, but early returns suggest that investors find it to be an extremely valuable one.

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit the official website, register for the presale, to join the Telegram, Twitter & Instagram go here.