Grand Time to Use Web3-Enabled Ecosystem for Global Empowerment through Time Tokenization

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Grand Time to Use Web3-Enabled Ecosystem for Global Empowerment through Time Tokenization
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Grand Time is creating Web3-focused earning opportunities for several classes of people, including the unskilled, poor, and unemployed.

Grand Time, a broad ecosystem of interconnected Web3 blockchain solutions, seeks to ease millions of people into the crypto world. The community-driven Web3 platform intends to achieve this by providing requisite resources via its multifaceted platform and native token (GRAND). According to Grand Time CMO Maxym Sereda:

“[The creators and development team] developed Grand Time to address the rising financial challenges the global economy currently faces. Through our community-driven platform, we help people across the world earn a stable income from the comfort of their homes.”

Furthermore, Sereda also emphasized the importance of Grand Time’s strong community backend as a propelling factor, saying:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful community because, without their support and trust, we could not have achieved this much.”

Operational Insight into Grand Time Web3-oriented Scheme

By leveraging the inherent features of blockchain and decentralizing time itself, Grand Time is positioning itself as a unique Web3 product provider. For instance, Grant Time prides itself as the only platform that offers multiple crypto-centric revenue streams that unskilled workers can immensely benefit from. In addition, as a wholly decentralized and community-oriented platform, Grand Time is empowering people across the globe to become financially independent.

Operating a two-sided GIG marketplace that supports its people-empowerment scheme, Grand Time will give all earnings back to the community. Funds realized through the crypto GIG tasks marketplace go directly into a designated reward pool dubbed the “Grand Exchange Program”. As the need arises, community members may benefit from the funds in this depositary.

Users looking to exchange Grand rewards for other crypto or tokens can do so for free through the Grand Exchange Program. However, the blockchain solutions ecosystem will charge a small fee for these services in the future.

GIG Marketplace

Since its inception, Grand Time’s Web3-influenced two-sided GIG marketplace has grown rapidly. The service’s primary purpose is to provide a stable income source to people from underdeveloped and developing countries. Most of the people classified in this bracket live on less than $4 per day.

However, the Grand Time platform now sees more than 800,000 GIG-driven tasks each month. The result is that more than 1.3 billion people in the poverty bracket are now eligible to earn $5 to $10 daily. Furthermore, the earning capacity increases substantially for the more active users who perform more than 100 tasks per day. The pay at this level usually surpasses $100 a day and can hit $200 for those working round the clock.

Users earn GRAND token rewards for mundane social media tasks such as writing comments or liking posts. In addition, the Grand Time platform also rewards users for completing tasks considered a step above the ‘simple’ ones. These include voting, conducting surveys, and providing honest feedback about some products or services.

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