Possible ‘Great Resignation’ Wave to Come in January 2022

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Possible ‘Great Resignation’ Wave to Come in January 2022
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The workplace strategist added that workers should know their worth and position themselves appropriately.

There is currently a prediction that there will be a “Great Resignation” wave in 2022, and business owners need to prepare for the coming steam. According to Kathryn Minshew, the CEO and one of the founders of the online platform The Muse, the new wave of Great Resignation may be as soon as January 2022. She believes that more companies will conclude on their back-to-office plans, which may trigger the wave.

The Great Resignation predicts that many people will leave their current jobs once the pandemic subsides and life begins to return to normalcy. While some refer to the term as “The Great Reshuffling,” there are indicators that the rate of people quitting their jobs has dropped. Based on the most recent data by the US Department of Labour, the level of people resigning from their jobs reduced in October. Now, expectations are resignation will resume on a high level in 2022. Back in July, the Department revealed that there was a jobs growth in the US.

Steps to Consider with the Coming Wave of ‘Great Resignation’ in 2022

In addition, a lot of people pause their job hunting during the holidays. The co-founder added that people tend to focus on celebrating and having the time to themselves rather than seeking jobs. Many workers also stick around to receive the end-of-the-year bonuses. At the same time, the end of the year is when other people reflect on their lives and decide to make changes, including job changes. Minshew said:

“Changing jobs is one of the most common and sort of least personally disruptive ways that you can effect a big life change.”

Here is the good news- companies with the calendar year budget tend to advertise vacant positions in January and February. As an employee, there are specific steps to take before quitting the current job and finding a new one.

Workplace strategist Holland Haiis advised that it is important to make a list of one’s career achievements. After that, the person may compare it to the resume content, edit, and include new vocabularies that are now used to describe one’s job role.

Another important step is updating their LinkedIn profiles and ensuring that their profiles tally with their CVs. Haiis noted that recruiters and employees examine job applicants’ LinkedIn profiles. The Muse co-founder mentioned that employers are attracted to headlines, and one that says “unemployed” or “actively seeking jobs” will not spark imaginations. Rather, the headline should define the employee as a valuable perspective who will bring a positive impact to the organization.

Workplace Strategist Advises Job Seekers: Know Your Worth

Furthermore, the workplace strategist added that workers should know their worth and position themselves appropriately. She said that understanding one’s worth is not bragging but personal branding. According to the expert, workers could print out the skill description on any job they want to apply to. Then, they may include them in their cover letters and resume. Minshew suggested:

“The more that you can really mirror what someone is asking for with what you have to offer, the more likely you are both to get through the automated screening of an applicant-tracking system, but also to catch the eye of a human interviewer.”

Additionally, employees should reach out to people who have helped them over the past year and show gratitude. Showing genuine gratitude is a means to get back on people’s radar and be on their minds once again.

Most importantly, job seekers should take advantage of the various social gatherings during this holiday to network. Minshew suggested the need to follow up with someone you just met.

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