How Greenheart CBD Is Accelerating Convergence of Blockchain Technology and CBD Industry

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How Greenheart CBD Is Accelerating Convergence of Blockchain Technology and CBD Industry
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Two rapidly evolving industries are combined with Greenheart CBD’s exciting new platform.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD and other low-THC cannabis products from the federal Controlled Substances Act, CBD has become easier to acquire, with millions of people around the world discovering its unique health benefits and medicinal qualities. As more of us gravitate towards natural solutions, favoring organic health supplements and products, we can now enjoy various kinds of CBD products and the global cannabidiol market size is expected to reach USD 13.4 billion by 2028.

Blockchain technology is another rapidly growing industry that has made strides in recent years, with some of the world’s largest institutions pouring resources into the research and development of decentralized frameworks. The emergence of DeFi (decentralized finance) in particular has opened up a whole new world of opportunities; the borderless, trustless utility that DeFi protocols offer those without access to traditional finance represents a huge step forward for the global economy.

As both of the aforementioned sectors flourish, Greenheart CBD, an Irish-owned company specializing in CBD products, is utilizing the untapped potential of blockchain technology and DeFi to introduce new opportunities within the CBD industry for millions of farmers worldwide, simultaneously making their world-class products more available through expanded reach into the cryptocurrency world. The Greenheart CBD team holds financial inclusion close as a core ethos, and plans to make the benefits of new technologies available to farmers around the world via easily accessible and non-discriminatory DeFi products.

Increased Transparency through Blockchain Technology

Since its emergence, blockchain technology has been steadily disrupting the outdated and inefficient business models and frameworks that exist in sectors such as supply chain logistics, traditional finance, the healthcare industry and much more besides. Introducing decentralized mechanisms that remove the need for intermediaries and human reliance has proven effective for so many businesses, with use cases for blockchain only growing by the day.

Blockchain technology has been making its way into infrastructure within the marijuana industry for a while, with the enhanced traceability available through decentralized frameworks boosting security and confidence about the quality and sourcing of medical and recreational cannabis. But only recently has the true potential of blockchain technology in the marijuana industry been explored in-depth with the introduction of DeFi. There is an immeasurable opportunity for decentralized finance to reach all corners of agriculture, giving farmers new ways to expand operations, and Greenheart CBD plans their place as a leader in the CBD industry.

From Seed to shelf, from Drones to DeFi

Having spent years researching extraction methods to ensure full traceability from seed to shelf, Greenheart CBD last year unveiled the world’s first tokenized CBD asset that will power their all new platform. The Greenheart CBD platform will utilise the pioneering mechanics that underpin DeFi, as well as drone technology and artificial intelligence, to give farmers in emerging markets with little or no access to financial services new avenues to expand their operations and improve their lives.

Farmers wishing to begin working within the quickly expanding CBD industry will, with access to the DeFi lending products offered on the Greenheart CBD platform, have the ability to invest in cutting-edge technology such as AI-powered drones that can drastically increase production processes and open up new doors for revenue. In countries such as Bangladesh, where the majority of rural farmers have no access to formal credit, these previously inaccessible tools can massively improve prospects and Greenheart plans to utilize DeFi and emerging technologies to their fullest in order to ensure that farmers in emerging countries are given the chance to carve out better futures for their families and their businesses.

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