GURU Gains Traction as Token Rating Grows

August 25th, 2021 at 6:06 pm UTC · 2 min read

The rating of GURU tokens on the popular crypto sites ICOholder an cryptototem just this month has grown to 4 and 5.8, respectively. But what caused the explosive growth of our cryptocurrency?

MobilityGuru is the new solution in the cryptocurrency world geared towards inclusion, equality and opportunity that has received generous attention from the crypto community lately. Many crypto users and investors today are looking for an alternative to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano’s ADA and other altcoins. A new trend known as impact investing is gaining traction because people want to be a part of a positive change that sees a shift towards platforms, services and products that solve pressing social issues.

MobilityGuru does just that.

The blockchain-based project was born out of the belief that every human being living with a disability deserves access to inclusive, reliable and competitively priced online marketplace.

Advancing MobilityGuru

The unique structure of the tokenomics of the MobilityGuru platform has a mechanism for creating a free and decentralized economy where buyers and sellers connect and exchange products and services directly.

Disability-related products and services is a multi-billion business that is steadily growing every year. MobilityGuru introduces the largest B2B market for individuals, companies and government entities in the field to buy, sell, create, provide, and acquire products and services for people living with a disability. The urgent demand for a disability-related platform is continuously increasing as a result of the global pandemic in 2020, which puts pressure on pharmaceutical companies to run full capacity in the development of drugs and treatments.

Everyone in the MobilityGuru ecosystem can benefit from buying GURUs by utilizing the token on the platform and using GURUs to pay for services.

The recent rise in the rating of GURU tokens shows the crypto community is rallying behind MobilityGuru as buying an early GURU token can give a large profit window to holders who can utilize GURUs at a higher value in the future as the token increase in price.

The diversity of GURU utilization provides an excellent environment for a natural token exchange, in contrast to other altcoins, which are often exclusively exchanged on trading platforms and in P2P markets. MobilityGuru provides a Business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer model for the GURU token that potentiates the coin utility and gives it a dimension of exchange that most altcoins lack. Now in Initial Exchange Offer at the website