The Hackathon on DeSoc and SBT from the Web3Souls Community Has Ended

December 16th, 2022 at 12:16 pm UTC · 2 min read

The Hackathon on DeSoc and SBT from the Web3Souls Community Has Ended

Our partners at Web3Souls are building the Web3 community of enthusiasts and recently hosted a hackathon in the metaverse dedicated to developing DeSoc and SBT projects. We tell about the winners and what they managed to develop during the hackathon week in detail below:

🥇 1st place – the Cryptans team with the RunTheWeb project.

It’s a protocol that offers delivery services for DAOs and individuals. Anyone can create a task. It can be swap operations, cross-chain transactions or even offline tasks.

🥈 2nd place – the Soul Bound team with the doVoucher project.

It’s a service for gasless distribution of SBTs and ERC721 tokens on the Polygon Mainnet. The App creates a voucher in the form of QR code. And users then can claim this voucher. It can be used for issuing off chain NFT collections and for giving private access for Discord channels and Telegram chats.

And 3rd place was taken by 2 teams at once:

🥉 The DAOers team with the PSPRT.ID project.

It’s a platform which allows users to verify that the wallet owner has passed a captcha by minting SBT token. All the blockchain participants will be able to see that the wallet is verified.

🥉 The oooo’tors team with the Securex project.

It’s a security audit oracle which makes a parallel audit and then issues SBTs with smart contracts verification. It can be used for allocating lots of addresses belonging to the same structure and for routing and verifying open-source projects.

⭐️ General sponsors of the hackathon:

▶️ And you’ll find out how the event was held in just a few minutes from this video.

And by the way, Web3Souls will continue to hold events with interesting speakers, as well as organize pitch sessions for projects with well-known funds even after the end of the hackathon.

So join the community to stay up to date with new events ✌️