Hamster Marketplace Announces Development of Decentralized Trading Platform,ICO Set for Q1 2018

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

A promising UK-based start-up is to revolutionize the existing online market ecosystem by turning it into blockchain. The upcoming crowdsale is planned on Q1 2018.

Shopping online today differs a lot from what it used to be several years ago. Especially the market of niche electronics has undergone serious changes. It is not enough for producers any more to simply place their goods online and count on growing demand on their products. Instead of that, producers have to struggle with a highly centralized system favoring large corporations and conglomerates in order to become well-recognized on the market space, which requires a lot of energy, time and money resources.

Within such ecosystem, it is hard to survive for smaller individualized innovations, which are violently stifled by giant players. While concentrating on developing marketing campaigns, producers focus less on the quality of their products and spend more resources on public recognition. The market, in its turn, becomes flooded with unoriginal goods and ‘reskinned’ products, narrowing the customers’ choice.

According to the official press release, a UK-based start-up Hamster Marketplace is to change the existing ecosystem by implementing their commercial platform on which vendors get the opportunity to find buyers globally – online, and without middlemen.

Disrupting a space which has traditionally been dominated by household names such as Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba, Hamster Marketplace brings blockchain to thousands of vendors around the world, providing them with access to markets, audiences, and adopters that they normally would not be able to reach. Customers from all over the globe will have an opportunity to connect with innovators directly in order to purchase unique range of innovative products with no extra charges from intermediaries.

Implementing blockchain technology will guarantee the transparency and authenticity of all payments and transactions made within the platform, while the blockchain’s potentials for big data will facilitate the connection between the potential customers and their vendors. Absence of intermediaries will make the commission fees lower, and personalized user’s experience will provide customers with greater choice and easier access to the products they are looking for, so that all the parties will be satisfied.

Offering the only Vendor-controlled market, Hamster has integrated mechanisms to prevent crowding-out or overrule from future marketplace owners due to unfair fees or policies.

Hamster Marketplace already offers a long list of opportunities for both consumers and innovators. The company provides buyers and technology fans with a unique set of gadgets and electronics, inventions, DIY, and products for any needs and selective offers without fakes and at the manufacturer’s price. For the producers Hamster Marketplace promises large audience with a demand for niche electronics, minimum costs for positioning and promotion and the ability to take their sales and production to a new level.

The breakthrough platform will be developed by Hamster Marketplace ICO crowdsale. 14,000,000 HMPT Tokens will be available during this period with various bonuses for early participants. Participates will have access to platform testing, as well as a number of discounts from the producers.

The platform hopes to raise $28,000,000 through the sales of its ERC20 native tokens at $2/HMT. Participants will be able to contribute by donating ETH during the sales period. Unsold HMPT tokens will be burnt to preserve the value of the tokens.

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