Hedge Token Wants to Build the Next S&P Index of Crypto, ICO is Live

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Hedge Token Wants to Build the Next S&P Index of Crypto, ICO is Live
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Hedge Project launched ICO to develop a new crypto platform, which is believed to enable its users CryptoTraded Indices and derivatives trading.

Since cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of prominence in the recent years, crypto technology has a wide range of applications, especially when it comes to financial and fintech sector.

Hedge Project  is designed to help individual and institution investors access professional-grade crypto indices and diversify their investment portfolios.

Sharp increase in the number of ICOs, combined with the growing value of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies indeed has created a new financial environment driven by digital assets.

The project is developed to meet the changing requirements of the new financial ecosystem.

Hedge Token launched ICO on September 15, aiming to revolutionize the way investors, and speculators interact on crypto markets by creating the first professionally developed, rulebook-based Crypto Top 30 Index, Crypto Traded Indices™, and a suite of crypto-derivative hedging instruments.

Hedge Token’s team releases that they are creating crypto-financial instruments, all accessible on one platform, which provide an average investor with the tools of a Wall Street professional, guaranteeing low-cost risk and portfolio diversification together with the convenience of accessibility.

Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index

Consistently tracking the prices of 30 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization this index will measure the performance of wider crypto market. According to the project’s whitepaper, it excludes recent ICOs representing over 90% of total market cap.

The team also plans to develop additional products in order to meet the rising demands of crypto community. These products include Crypto Asset Index, Crypto Income Index and Sector Specific Crypto Traded Indices™ from Gaming and Media to Anonymity and more, that are believed to eliminate the need to spend a lot of time reading, searching and constructing a costly portfolio, enabling its users to simply buy the sector, with one-click, on one secure platform.

Hedge Token is focused on introducing a platform, which will offer potential and current investors access to professionally designed indices on the wide crypto market information including crypto assets and currencies, traded baskets of crypto currencies, information on market research, valuation reports, etc.

Being incorporated in Switzerland, Hedge Platform is to be fully compatible with KYC and AML requirements and standards, which guarantees regulated and licensed nature of the project.

To gain direct access to crypto markets Hedge Token has partnered with Rialto.ai (XRL), a pioneer in arbitrage and market-making.  Having acquired the possibility to use Rialto’s proprietary algorithms and competitive edge, as well as due to complementary business models of the two companies, Hedge’s team sees this cooperation mutually-beneficial.

Project’s ICO

As the Hedge Project continues to develop a crowdsourced ecosystem and blockchain-oriented marketplace, it is organizing a Token Sale to fund its development.

Hedge Project started its ICO on September 15, 2017 aiming to raise $15 M, distributing 30,000000 M tokens. Early supporters of the project will receive additional bonus tokens. The token sale will continue for a month and will be in ETH only with 1 HDG equalling 0.002 ETH.

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