HEIDI Solves Modern Capitalism Problems

Place/Date: Switzerland - July 28th, 2020 at 1:48 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: HEIDI, Source: HEIDI

HEIDI Solves Modern Capitalism Problems
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HEIDI is a Swiss-based crypto payment and utility token created to act as a stable and safe currency of this new circular economy. Analysts are referring to HEIDI therefore as the currency of Capitalism 2.0.

HEIDI is an investment grade cryptocurrency and the first Swiss-domiciled sustainability investment token, whose value is tethered to a sustainable circular ecosystem for payment and utilisation.

Problems of Modern Capitalism

Capitalism is an economic system of production and distribution based on private property, universal legal equality, and free enterprise. It is based on private property and a market economy.

It is a misnomer that the poor have no money because they are lazy and uneducated. More often than not, he did not have the conditions for the realization of his talents. This is true because a person born into a poor family is less likely to succeed in life due to the lack of funds to study in prestigious educational institutions.

Proponents of capitalism cite many examples of how a person from a poor family became incredibly rich because he was able to show cunning, will to succeed, and their ability. This is also true, but there are fewer supporters of this point of view.

Therefore, in the capitalist countries, there are benefits for people with low incomes. It is a kind of social leveling tool that allows poor people not to die of hunger and focus on more global goals.

In practice, the people receiving benefits are virtually unable to innovate. In a capitalist society, no effective way has yet been found to provide all people with equal starting conditions.

HEIDI’s Solution

Capitalism 1.0 limits the progress in sustainable social impact education, research, entrepreneurship and therefore must be disrupted. In order for Capitalism 2.0 to achieve maximum benefit, it must be borderless, transparent, and urgent.

Heidicoin is pleased to announce its entry of Heidi as a Swiss Premium Sustainable Investment Token geared towards rapidly creating a sustainable circular economy driven by social impact education, research, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our platform provides an opportunity to obtain Swiss higher education in the direction of “Social Entrepreneurship”. We don’t care how much money you have or where you are from. Thanks to our project, everyone can get it for free. This solves two problems of Capitalism 1.0 at once.

HEIDI Offers the Following Solutions

  • Democratizing access to education, offering a Swiss diploma in social entrepreneurship regardless of socioeconomic status or personal connections.
  • Expanding sustainable investment opportunities through HEIDI. We will provide access to products and services that will contribute to the development of important areas of the economy, promote projects aimed at the environment, and improve the lives of the population.
  • Continuous creation of new profitable and sustainable business projects that will be guaranteed to increase the value of the HEIDI token.

HEIDI’s Vision

HEIDI was minted on the following core beliefs:

  • A belief that Capitalism 2.0 will be driven by sustainability
  • A belief that education, research, and social entrepreneurship will deliver sustainability
  • A belief in the decentralization of finance through tokenization of a sustainable circular economy

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