How Can Enhance Trust in the Apps Development Process

Place/Date: - July 29th, 2019 at 11:00 am UTC · 4 min read
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How Can Enhance Trust in the Apps Development Process

In this day and age, you will be compelled to sign up for new services to ensure your online activities are seamless. In so doing, you end up giving away a lot of personal details. Service providing platforms use this information to identify us, helping prevent incidents of theft among other crimes.

Nonetheless, offering personal details to these platforms has its disadvantages. Due to Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, you lose control over the data you submit while signing up to new platforms. While you entrust sensitive details to these firms, it’s tough to tell how they store such information.

Worse yet, you cannot be sure that they do not share it with third parties. If the latter is the case, your personal data could easily be leaked on the internet in the event of a data breach.

Persona, a Zero-knowledge Identity Management System

However, do not despair as there is a way to address this problem without going back to living in the stone age. Meet, a blockchain-based zero-knowledge identity system that ensures your personal details remain private. It lets you control who you want to share your data with, letting you control how you interact with third parties.

By using, you can prove you are who you say you are without sharing your private information with the companies you are dealing with. The platform offers granularity, allowing you to provide the minimum amount of data needed to access a specific service.

This platform has a wide range of applications in different sectors.

These include,

  • The medical space to ensure medical records are tamper-proof
  • Signing up for new online services
  • Preventing the propagation of fake news in mass-media by having journalists sign real articles
  • Enhancing trust in the application development process

Increasing Trust in the App Development Process

Some of the mobile applications you use in your day to day activities transmit user data without your knowledge. They use this data to improve your user experience. Information collected ranges from your current location to your name and email address among other details. Should this information land in the wrong hands in the event of a security breach, it could make you a target for cybercriminals.

To help prevent cases of data theft, app creators can integrate PersonaIM in the development process. In so doing, the app developers would leverage the blockchain’s immutability and transparency to keep you safe.

PersonaIM has two KYC levels.

These are community and professional KYC. In the community level, your peers in a specific application check and validate your identity. The highest point you can get when the community verifies your identity is 90 percent. In exchange for verifying your identity members of the community would earn tokens.

The documents required in this process are,

  • An original passport, ID or government-issued document
  • A copy or picture of your ID
  • A bank statement or invoice that proves your residence

The Profession KYC level covers the remaining 10 percent. This level involves the app-providing firm validating the 90 percent data provided by the community. Upon verifying your identity, it raises your verification to 100 percent.

Once you are fully verified, your details would be stored on the blockchain automatically. As a result, the firm that runs a specific app would not have control over your data. This is because the blockchain is decentralized, transparent and immutable. These features would help you take control of your data while preventing any malicious parties from accessing or changing your details.

With personaIM, you remain in the driver’s seat by providing your services’ providers only with the information needed to prove your identity.