How to Predict Crypto Prices – Has the Answer

May 3rd, 2023 at 9:42 am UTC · 5 min read

How to Predict Crypto Prices – Has the Answer
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If the volatility in the cryptocurrency market causes you to consistently give all of your winnings back to the market, then the good news is you’re not alone. As AI bots and trading algorithms flood financial markets, they continuously lose their predictability, causing you to lose your statistical edge. These bots are very clever at changing the market structure to force you into trading losses, as that’s what they’re designed to do.

Fortunately, a new project on the horizon makes crypto price prediction forecasts very easy, and investors are quickly piling into its fundraising stages after it raised over $400,000 in just a few weeks from going live. The project is called yPredict, a next-generation AI-based trading research and analysis platform that provides traders with data-driven insights to make better trading decisions. So finally, retail traders have a solution to the problem of market prediction by utilizing the same AI technology that previously made it harder.

Keep reading to find out more about this groundbreaking analytics platform and how it can give you back your statistical edge.

yPredict – Using AI and Machine Learning to Make Crypto Price Prediction Forecasts Easy

yPredict has created a range of products that include analytical tools and platforms to provide insights and analysis to traders through state-of-art financial prediction models and metrics. The project aims to build cutting-edge trading research and analytics tools to help traders make more informed decisions and become consistently profitable.

The project is made up of AI and machine learning experts, financial quants, and traders, who have teamed up to provide users with data-driven insights, proven analytical metrics, and predictive marketplace trends. Together, they’ve built a sophisticated trading platform to turn amateurs into pros using cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology.

The primary features of the platform include:

  • A prediction model marketplace.
  • A suite of trading and analysis tools.
  • A token trading terminal.
  • A high APY staking pool.

Although many parts of the ecosystem are free to access, users must subscribe to a subscription service to receive high-quality prediction models – using the native token, YPRED. Furthermore, other developers actively working in financial markets can list their prediction models on the marketplace to earn in a Research-as-a-Service economy.

Product Suite Designed for All Kinds of Traders and Developers

In total, the training tools provided by yPredict revolve around four products;

  • Market Predictions
  • yPredict Analytics
  • yPredict Marketplace
  • yPredict Terminal

Together, these products provide everything a trader would need to gain a statistical edge over the crypto markets and become consistently profitable.

Market Predictions

How to Predict Crypto Prices - Has the Answer

The Market Predictions section provides asset predictions on thousands of cryptocurrencies generated through in-house developed predictive models and pre-selected developer models from the marketplace. The platform allows users to quickly check the latest trends in cryptocurrencies and gain a prediction for the next price movement.

The best part about this section of the platform is that it’s completely free and open. It requires no sign-ups or log-ins and is designed to serve as an inbound traffic source for the yPredict ecosystem. Eventually, users that come to visit these predictions are expected to want to sign up for prediction models released by developers on the yPredict Marketplace.

yPredict Analytics

The yPredict Analytics section is the place for traders to get an edge in financial markets. The team is on a mission to develop a new breed of trading tools that are entirely powered by AI, allowing traders to gain insight into the market’s next direction.

This section features a pattern recognition AI system that can auto-detect over 100 chart patterns for traders and alert them about any imminent breakout. Furthermore, the system also provides a confidence score depending on the setup in play.

A sentiment analysis tool analyzes the latest news and social media metrics to ascertain the public’s sentiment behind a particular token. Furthermore, there is an indicator analysis tool and a transaction analysis tool.

The best part about this section is that it’s completely open to all YPRED token holders.

yPredict Marketplace

The marketplace is the economic ecosystem behind yPredict, allowing developers to list their price prediction models for other traders to use on a monthly subscription basis. In addition, the marketplace is designed to connect traders with developers, allowing them to list their models as a Results-as-a-Service operation.

Traders must subscribe to these services using YPRED tokens. 70% of the subscription payment will go directly to the developer, incentivizing them to improve their models and make them more profitable for traders. A further 20% of the subscription payment goes into the ecosystem by adding it to the liquidity pools – helping the staking APY to be sustainable – with the final 10% being distributed to all token holders.

yPredict Terminal

Finally, the yPredict terminal is designed to be a sophisticated trading platform for pro traders, allowing them to execute advanced orders without leaving the platform. In addition, the terminal will provide powerful integrated charts and detailed portfolio analysis to help traders track their trades.

yPredict Raises Over $400K in Just Four Stages so Far

How to Predict Crypto Prices - Has the Answer

The presale for yPredict is gaining significant traction after it managed to raise $400k over the four stages it’s witnessed so far. The current stage is selling the native token, YPRED, for a total of $0.05. However, it’s important to note that the presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning the cost of YPRED will rise during each presale stage.

For example, when the presale enters stage five, the price for YPRED will increase to $0.07. It will continue to increase until the presale ends and the token launches on exchanges at a price of $0.12. As a result, those investing earlier will leave the fundraising with higher unrealized gains.

Overall, yPredict has created an impressive trading tool that will attract thousands of crypto market traders looking to gain a statistical edge. In addition, its subscription model will provide utility for YPRED investors as the token value is likely to explode alongside platform usage.

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