How to Make Money with Referral Program From King Mining

Place/Date: - November 3rd, 2020 at 12:06 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: King Mining

How to Make Money with Referral Program From King Mining

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has become more and more vibrant with the explosion of projects. To attract more investors, some projects often build up referral programs (also known as REF). This is one of the effective ways to make a project spread to users quickly on the media such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, … and also bring attractive profits for users when registration.

Basically, when you introduce a link to register an investment project to someone and that person you refer invests in the project, you will receive a commission. Depending on the characteristics of each project, there will be different ways and rates of commission payment. Most projects pay high commissions to attract investors and marketers to jointly develop and share projects with the community.

King Mining is a project that can provide you with a huge stream of dynamic income. By bringing together the best features from multiple specialized blockchains, King mining paves the way for new decentralized marketplaces to emerge, offering fairer ways to access services through a variety of apps and providers.

King Mining has an extremely attractive agency policy for referral program. When you refer other users, you can get unlimited passive income with a 6-stage commission system from King Mining with just $100 for agency license. You will receive these type of commission followings:

  • Direct bonus: you will get 5% value of your downline’s investment. Whenever the people you referred invest in mining BTCN, you will get 5% value of this package. This commission will automatically add to your wallet instantly after they purchase successfully. It also works in case they upgrade their investment. For example, when the person you introduce invests in a $ 10,000 package, you will receive: $ 10,000 * 5% = $ 500.

  • Pairing bonus (or binary income): You have the sole discretion to arrange the people you introduced into your binary tree in order to get the greatest profit with 5% binary income from King Mining. For example, on your right team you have 5 members that invested $42,000 in total. And on your left team you have 6 members that invested $30,000 in total. King Mining gives you 5% residual income of the volume that would equal $30,000 x 5% = $1,500.


  • Level bonus: In addition, you will receive a weekly bonus every time the following conditions are met. This is a lifetime commission.

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