HPB – A Thought Leader in Blockchain

Place/Date: - August 1st, 2019 at 2:46 pm UTC · 3 min read
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HPB – A Thought Leader in Blockchain

HPB, or High Performance Blockchain, is working diligently to keep the spirit of blockchain alive and grow the industry. As part of these efforts, they are continuing to grow their list of academic partners and provide new learning opportunities for students.

HPB Partners with Tsinghua University

Through a joint scholarship fund with Tsinghua University and the Data Mining Research Center at Xiamen University, HPB is providing a means for individuals to learn about blockchain from these world-renowned institutions. In founding the scholarship fund, HPB and Tsinghua University, which is ranked 22nd globally as per Times Higher Education, aim to advance the field of blockchain in academics.

As new students join the universities and new graduates join the workforce, a vast amount of human potential is regularly added to the tech industry. To spur growth and attract applicants, the scholarship will provide assistance to bright minds in need.

HPB to Provide Blockchain Course on Jikexueyuan.com

As blockchain software development is still in its infancy, resources to learn the idiosyncrasies between blockchain and traditional industries are scarce. HBP founder and CEO Wang Xiaoming, who is known for his evangelical work in the early days of blockchain, has created a cryptocurrency wallet course for Jikexueyuan.com. With the creation of this educational material, those interested in the industry have a premium new source for information.

HPB Utilizes Their Long-standing Partnership with Udacity

Furthering their goal of providing accessible education and expanding blockchain knowledge, HPB is leaning on their partnership with Udacity to provide blockchain courses with a conditional scholarship. If a student completes a blockchain course and is then hired by HPB, HPB will reimburse the student for the related course.

As online education grows as a primary source of learning, HPB has demonstrated a commitment to supporting and encouraging students with ambition in the blockchain industry.

HPB Collaborates with Hunan University, the Tianshu Society of BUPT and the Data Mining Research Center (DMRC) of Xiamen University

HPB’s strong belief in academic institutions is one of the core reasons for their offer of Invitation Nodes. These universities and associated organizations provide life to the next generation of industry leaders, founders, and innovators in blockchain.

By working closely with these individuals, HPB is able to support and share in their growth, and the HPB nodes provide yet another resource for them to learn from. Students gain experience handling nodes and learn how a blockchain platform is built and maintained. The HPB BOE (Blockchain Offload Engine) provides a unique perspective of how blockchain hardware and software work together and prepares them for a career in this industry.

Through their work with premiere educational organizations, HPB has emerged as a thought leader in blockchain. By offering programs and scholarships to students, they are doing their part to ensure continued innovation and progress for the industry.