Huawei Announces The Launch Date Of Its New Flagship Phone Mate 30

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Huawei Announces The Launch Date Of Its New Flagship Phone Mate 30
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Recently, Huawei announced that their new flagship phone line – Mate 30, will be launched on September 19, in Munich, Germany. The tagline for this launch event is “Rethink Possibilities”.

Huawei just recently announced its new flagship phone line – Mate 30. The company tweeted a short loop animation along with a description on their official Twitter page, saying that the new Mate 30 will be launched in Munich, Germany on September 19. 

The tagline for the event is “Rethink Possibilities” and most experts have already agreed on the “rethink” part because of the U.S. ban and Google. Google had commented earlier before, that the new Mate 30 won’t be allowed to ship with core Google services on board. Because of the recent Huawei ban in the U.S., companies in the United States aren’t allowed to do business with Huawei.

Many of the world’s tech enthusiasts are awaiting this new edition by Huawei partly because they want to see how Huawei has managed to operate with the ongoing ban in the U.S.

The company already began developing its own alternative for the Google Play Store. Also, it is reported that Huawei is working on a mapping service API for third-party developers. But most recently, just a couple of weeks ago, Huawei managed to launch its own operating system, called HarmonyOS.

The company claims that it will be available on a variety of devices ranging from speakers, in-car systems to wearables and that it has the potential to replace Android. However, for now, the Mate 30 series will still be based on the open-source Android operating system because Google has restricted Huawei from its Google Play Store use.

So what is going to be so special about this new phone line by Huawei? First of all, there is not much that anybody knows about the new phone, because the opening presentation will be held on September 19, in Munich. But that didn’t stop many of the Huawei fans to speculate and even leak some of the information about the phone.

The first thing that most experts hope that the new phone would feature is the new Kirin 990 processor which will only be announced this week in Berlin. Huawei is known for adding impressive hardware for their flagship phones, so why would this be an exception?

Next comes the so-called “leaks” which no one can confirm, but all we can do is speculate whether we would like such an outcome.

These “leaks” suggest that the new phone will feature a large quad-camera module on the back and a “waterfall” display with extremely curved edges.

In other news, Apple also has an upcoming phone unveiling. As we reported earlier, Apple has sent out media invitations to an event on September 10 in California. Enthusiasts expect that Apple will present a new iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 11, and a new SmartWatch. As always, the company hasn’t shared nearly any details on the new iPhone, just saying that it will be “completely different” in terms of design.

AAPL stock has been rising in the past couple of days. Possibly investors are preparing for the launch event. The stock currently sits at $208.74. Also, GOOGL stock has experienced a severe price increase in the past week going from $1,173 to $1,200 in just a couple of days. 

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