HydroMiner’s First Week Bonus Ending Soon

October 23rd, 2017 at 8:00 am UTC · 4 min read

HydroMiner is well into its first successful ICO week. In the first 30 minutes since the start of the ICO, the soft cap of 1,500 ETH has been reached and over 3,000 ETH have been collected by now.

Bonus structure

The early presale investors were lucky to get a 25% bonus of H2O tokens when they participated in the pre-sale on September 25. It only took the company 36 mins to collect the hard cap of the pre-ICO of 1,500 ETH.

The main sale started with a bonus of 20% in the first week. This bonus will remain until October 25. During the second token-sale week the bonus will decrease to 15%, and then all the way to 5% in the fourth week. So it makes sense to participate in the token sale as soon as possible, as you get that 20% of H2O for free.

HydroMiner concept

The value that the H2O tokens represent is bound to the HydroMiner crypto mining facilities that utilize hydropower directly from the power stations. The HydroMiner farms are set up in several locations in the Austrian Alps. Their proximity to the energy source makes cryptocurrency mining extremely profitable. The costs of the green electricity produced by the hydropower stations are extremely competitive with the ones offered by the industry leaders from the Northern Europe and China where the bigger part of crypto mining takes place.

Value of the H2O tokens

The H2O tokens offered by HydroMiner, LLC, a company incorporated in Austria that complies with all the required government regulations, represent vouchers to mining contracts. These contracts are backed up by the power and the mining time measured in kWh. Each token is worth 5 kWh of mining power.  This token model is unique as it brings real profit to the H2O token holders derived from mining itself, as well as from trading, exchanging or simply holding the tokens. Compared to the other crypto mining farms whose contracts are based on has hash rate, and are by definition much less profitable, the H2O tokens are generating and storing value by design.

How to derive value?

In February 2018, H2O tokens can be exchanged for mining time at the HydroMiner facilities. The token holders will have a choice of cryptocurrencies to mine as well as the time period when they want their H2O to be applied. They can also choose to keep the tokens for a while as their value and demand will grow with the time due to limited demand. Once converted to mining contracts, the profits from mining will be paid out daily to. ICO contributors will receive the same discount that they had during ICO in case they wish to renew their contract. The length of each contract is 24 months.

How can you acquire H2O?

You can come into possession of the H2O tokens by participating in the ongoing token sale (ICO).

  1. Go to https://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale/;
  2. Click ‘Contribute now’;
  3. Accept the terms of the Token offering by ticking all the boxes and press ‘Next’;
  4. Enter your email and ETH wallet address, confirm that you’re not a robot and click ‘Authorize wallet’;
  5. Check your email for confirmation and click the button ‘Yes, subscribe me to the list’ in the email;
  6. Click ‘Show ICO address – I make my binding exchange offer now’;
  7. Send your funds to the unique ETH address provided on the screen;
  8. You’re set! Wait until your tokens are placed to your ETH wallet;
  9. Follow the updates from HydroMiner to get ready for the mining token activation.

About HydroMiner

HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining farm based on green energy derived from the hydropower stations. The project was started by the two sisters Nadine and Nicole Damblon, who learned how to mine cryptocurrency in 2014 on their PCs and opened their first farm in their apartments. Having achieved profitability and outgrown the scales of the apartment, they rented a space at a hydropower station in Schoenberg where the GPUs were installed. They worked out a unique business model combining the green energy with low electricity costs and high profitability, and are now seeking to raise funds through an ICO to expand the project, buy more graphics cards and set up more farms and containers for cryptocurrency mining in multiple locations in Austria.

For more information about HydroMiner, its team and the H2O tokens please visit hydrominer.org and read the white paper.