Imagol Set to Achieve Breakthrough in the Photo Marketplace

Place/Date: Singapore - September 4th, 2018 at 9:36 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Valeria Mingova, Source: Imagol

Imagol is a blockchain-based decentralized P2P image marketplace which will enable photographers to get rid of photo piracy, copyright violation and most importantly enable them to enjoy a larger share of profits on the sale of their creations. The platform will facilitate easy monetization of photos and make the most of everyone’s creation by featuring them as micro-stock collections.

Photographers struggling with low payment from big photo stock companies and photo piracy issues can finally heave a sigh of relief.

A new blockchain platform, Imagol, is all set to revolutionize the current stock photography world with its futuristic decentralized P2P image marketplace that will make the best use of resources and prevent the wastage of 2.5 trillion photos which are predicted (Deloitte TMT prediction) to become “wasted resource” in near future.

The platform will enable photographers to be in complete control of the pricing and rights to their creations. With Imagol, everyone and anyone will be able to snap & sell as well as search and buy photos and photos will become conveniently more affordable.

Powered by blockchain-enabled P2P stock library network, the Imagol suite will enable two willing parties, buyer, and photographer, to transact directly with one another without the interference of a 3rd party agency.

The platform caters to emerging, aspiring and established photographers worldwide and anybody confident about his/her photography skills can showcase his/her work on Imagol and monetize it with the fairest remuneration.

Jack Derong, a co-founder of Imagol, had this to say about the application:

“We are excited to introduce our next-generation Imagol application suite to the world. It’s a revolutionary blockchain-based photo selling, social networking DApps ad marketplace which aims to redefine the way conventional stock photo library works and for the better. Our platform is designed to build a sustainable ecosystem for both photographers and users which will extend a win-win solution for both”

According to Mr. Derong, Imagol is launched to resolve the main problems plaguing the current photography industry. The present stock photography scene is under the claws of big companies that demand a high premium from buyers but return just a fraction of the selling price to photographers.

Mr. Derong continues;

“The big stock photo companies today gobble up a whopping 85% of the sales amount while photographers are left with a meager 15%. As a result, many photographers are discouraged to pursue their art which eventually brings their entire career to a big question mark.”

The Imagol team is driven by the mission to disrupt the current world of photography with its decentralized environment which will assure that it’s the photographers who will get the 85% of the sales amount.

“With Imagol, the supply & demand of stock images will be governed by a shared economy which will eventually lead to a decentralized, truly secured and open market.”

Another major problem that Imagol will solve is the rising issue of photo piracy.

“Photo piracy is a burning issue today and even some of the copyrighted photos have been the victims of deliberate or accidental theft. The sad part is photographers can’t always afford to pay for expensive litigations to protect their work. And this is where Imagol comes to the rescue.”

Powered by blockchain & smart contract technology, Imagol will allow contributors to exercise full control of their creations to eliminate photo piracy and copyright violation issues.

Derong finishes:

“Thanks to smart contract technology, Imagol can assure better IP protection for contributors which will further attract more contributors to our portal. Through digital provenance facilitated by our platform, photographers can ensure no copyright abuse of the digital images sold, and buyers will also have the opportunity to track the originality of a digital image to ensure an authentic purchase.”

Unlike its potential competitors, Imagol knows with many barriers removed, everyone can be a good photographer now not only professional photographers. Besides, Imagol has gone a step further by introducing a social network in the community. The “social” quotient will invariably help the Imagol community to grow faster as well as acquire and maintain more active users.

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