Immutable Launches Decentralized Blockchain Payment Solution for Digital Goods

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Immutable Launches Decentralized Blockchain Payment Solution for Digital Goods
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Immutable Checkout boasts a one-stop-shop payment solution for digital products like in-game items and NFTs. 

Immutable has introduced a new payment solution for decentralized games and the Web3 marketplace. Reports state that the blockchain gaming firm’s new scheme promises to make payments more seamless and straightforward. The consensus is that the solution, called Immutable Checkout, will also revolutionize online transactions involving digital goods. This will happen because the Immutable payment solution’s decentralized infrastructure can manage all payment processes driven by blockchain technology.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Immutable Checkout caters to selling and purchasing digital products like in-game items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The payment process system deploys smart contracts to automatically execute payments, thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks.

The Wide-Scale Appeal of Immutable’s New Payment Solution

As an all-in-one transaction infrastructure, Immutable Checkout enables users to add funds and instantly purchase or swap assets. In addition, the complete payment solution also facilitates the integration of multiple payment methods to increase user conversions. According to its official website, Immutable Checkout ensures that its coverage community is always transaction-ready. The decentralized payment solution boasts a simple integration and configurable interface that enables users to launch games or marketplaces faster.

Immutable already has strategic alliances with leading blockchain, gaming, and NFT players. These include broad-based network Polygon, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, and mainstream gaming developers Square Enix, Unity, and GameStop. With the advent of Immutable Checkout, the general assumption is that the solution will enhance these partners’ customer experiences and payment procedures.

However, Immutable Checkout is not exclusively for the mainstream and decentralized gaming industry. According to reports, other digital marketplaces or platforms can leverage the innovative system amid the evolution of blockchain technology. Furthermore, observers believe that Immutable Checkout is en route to becoming more entrenched in the e-commerce world.

Immutable Offerings

Besides its new payment solution, Immutable has several other themed decentralized products and services. These include ‘Passport’, a non-custodial wallet and authentication solution that facilitates user onboarding via seamless sign-on, and ‘Mint’, an NFT-minting service. Immutable also offers ‘Trade’, a reliable NFT-trading facilitator, and ‘Blockchain Data APIs’ that assist developers in building appealing Web3 games. The Immutable Blockchain Data APIs are robust and scalable, equipping these developers with the requisite resources to create the games.

Immutable also sports two foundations, namely SDKs and Developer Hub. The company claims its SDKs allow access to its APIs and smart contracts to leverage its Web3 infrastructure seamlessly from custom development environments. On its Developer Hub foundation, a product description on the website reads:

“The Immutable DevHub empowers you to launch and manage your projects in one easy place. From launching collections to performance analytics, from access management to personalized guides, the DevHub puts you in control.”

Lastly, Immutable offers a pair of rollups: Immutable zkEVM (EVM ZK-rollup for games) and Immutable X (Optimized game-specific ZK-rollup). Immutable zkEVM is a first-of-its-kind chain that offers EVM compatibility, massive scale, low cost, and Ethereum security. Meanwhile, Immutable X caters to games prioritizing Ethereum-based high performance and lower cost over advanced Web3 game mechanics.

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