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Three Incredible Crypto Communities Worth Joining: Metacade, Hooked and Big Eyes Coin 

March 12th, 2023 at 6:36 pm UTC · 5 min read

Three Incredible Crypto Communities Worth Joining: Metacade, Hooked and Big Eyes Coin 
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In the midst of this current bear market, many find themselves wondering if it is worth investing in emerging cryptocurrencies. The fact of the matter is that the cryptocurrency industry is not the get-rich-quick pyramid scheme that one might think it is. Like any other market, it is prone to price fluctuations and volatility, and though the industry is showing clear signs of bearish sentiment at the moment, crypto prices are low and a prosperous bull market is on the horizon. Therefore, it is imperative that you build your knowledge of what is out there, in order to make informed investment decisions. Investments are a commitment and should ultimately align with your personal values. Metacade (MCADE), Hooked (HOOK),  and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are three incredibly tenacious and lucrative crypto projects that offer fantastic use cases, extremely high potential for positive investment returns, and inclusive and worthwhile online communities.

Metacade (MCADE): Marvellous Web3 Gaming Platform

Metacade (MCADE) revolutionises the play-to-earn space by providing a platform that is built for gamers, by gamers. This innovative project combines the wonders of decentralised finance with the endless possibilities of metaverse gaming (GameFi). The gaming community is somewhat fragmented however, Metacade (MCADE) hopes to create a dynamic and inclusive online space to bring together like-minded gamers to experience everything that GameFi has to offer. Metacade (MCADE) will be transitioning to a decentralised autonomous organisation in 2024 in order to empower its community members to vote on changes and make important decisions that will nurture the evolution of this innovative project. With the crypto gaming​​ industry accelerating at a 100% growth rate, this project is on track to expand explosively. Ultimately, Metacade (MCADE) hopes to put a new standard in place regarding community engagement within gaming development through its Metagrant Program. Its thriving community and value-driven initiatives make this project an incredibly viable option for investment.

Three Incredible Crypto Communities Worth Joining: Metacade, Hooked and Big Eyes Coin 

Hooked (HOOK): Educating the Masses

This immersive learning platform aims to plug the gap of knowledge regarding Web3, and propel its global adoption. In order to bring Web3 to the masses, the developers of Hooked (HOOK) have identified three distinct problems that need to be addressed for this global adoption to occur. These include a lack of motivation from developers, high barriers of entry for users and an inadequate amount of educational resources. The Hooked (HOOK) protocol introduces a uniquely gamified educational experience through its various learn-and-earn products which challenge users to grow their Web3 knowledge in a fun and interactive way. The Hooked ecosystem relies on its governance token, HOOK, which gives users access to exclusive community events as well as rare NFT mints. These events allow users to connect with like-minded gamers and allow for the expansion of the platform’s thriving social hub. Users who invest in the NFT can grow their banks by staking the digital assets for extra income. So, for gaming enthusiasts who wish to add to their Web3 knowledge and join a flourishing community, they should definitely look into this booming project.

Three Incredible Crypto Communities Worth Joining: Metacade, Hooked and Big Eyes Coin 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): The Cutest Crypto

This crypto cat-house has taken the meme coin world by storm. The developers at Big Eyes Coin see the impacts that meme coins have made on the cryptocurrency market and have come to the conclusion that community is the key to prosperity. While a meme coin’s value depends on its popularity, it is the underlying values of a project that bring about this popularity and set the tone for success. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) put this element of community at the heart of its project by making 80% of its tokens available to the community at launch. Furthermore, the project looks to give back to the world, by allocating 5% of all $BIG transactions to its dedicated charity wallet for charitable donations that fight against climate change, overfishing, and the pollution of our world’s oceans. Accessibility, inclusivity and fun are the foundational pillars of this up-and-coming meme token. The goal is to create and nurture bountiful streams of passive income for all who support the project. By pouring into the lucrative sphere of decentralised finance, investors can find true autonomy over their finances- without the intervention of a central authority. The community drives the project and relies on the active engagement of its members through the Big Eyes Coin DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), where members can come to a collective decision on the direction of the project. Being that it is a meme token, the project’s focus is its charming cat-themed NFTs. These cute digital assets can be bought, sold and traded on the Big Eyes Swap DEX. Users can also join the esteemed ‘Sushi Crew’ – an exclusive NFT club that offers rare NFT drops, and can connect like-minded digital creatives who wish to collaborate. The functionality of this token is extremely enticing to early investors who see the boundless potential for this prosperous project.

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, TelegramTwitterYouTube.

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