Indian Company to Offer Innovative Crypto Ecosystem with Unique Payment Features

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Indian Company to Offer Innovative Crypto Ecosystem with Unique Payment Features
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The Bintex Futures ecosystem provides the BintexPay payment system, which offers an authentic token, e-wallet, and chip cards.

Bintex Futures, an Indian crypto startup, has introduced a brand-new approach to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Bintex Futures is a cryptocurrency exchange project that combines the speed and convenience of a centralized exchange with all the security advantages of a decentralized one. One of the core components of the Bintex Futures ecosystem is the BintexPay payment system, which offers an authentic token, e-wallet, and chip cards – something that the world has never seen before.

BNTX: A Smart Solution to the Lack-of-Liquidity Problem

The BintexPay coin (BNTX) is the native cryptocurrency of the Bintex Futures ecosystem. These smart BNTX tokens can improve and expedite liquidity, a feature that will play a major role in platform liquidity maintenance when the trade processes multiple coins. The BNTX token is an ERC-20 Ethereum token used as the main currency on the Bintex Futures exchange.

BintexPay Wallet: Safe Storage with Benefits

The most common problem with cryptocurrency ecosystems today is that they function properly only within the system itself, drastically limiting the pace of global cryptocurrency adoption. The BintexPay wallet has been designed to push the boundaries of the traditional crypto-space and allow cryptocurrencies to be used widely used for everyday purposes.

Every Bintex Futures exchange user receives a unique private wallet to store their assets. This wallet generates a separate individual blockchain address for each type of asset owned by the user. The wallet also stores all information regarding the user’s holdings, trade history, credit history, and payment information so that the user can easily access all the information at any time.

The BintexPay wallet lets users access all cryptocurrency data and charts directly within its structure. This feature offers full insight into the supported cryptocurrencies with charts, circulating supply, total supply, daily volume, and more individual data for each cryptocurrency.

The BintexPay wallet can also be used to pay all the daily expenses, from rent to airplane tickets or reserving a hotel room.

The BintexPay wallet app will soon be available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

BintexPay Chip Card: A New Way of Making Crypto Real

One more thing taps cryptocurrency value into the real world: the BintexPay debit/credit chip card. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, this cryptocurrency card is linked to the BintexPay wallet and lets users spend their BNTX tokens with real-time conversion powered by Bintex Futures. There’s no need to sell tokens to buy something in the real world. Additionally, when a user buys something with BNTX (even if it is converted into fiat currency), they receive extra bonuses within the Bintex Futures ecosystem.

The BintexPay chip card is the very feature that helps make crypto real. This native card can be used as a common credit card to make payments in shops, pay bills, or buy pay anything else you’d pay for with a credit card. The crypto-to-fiat conversions are done real-time, and interest and fees are calculated by the Bintex system after converting fiat to BNTX.

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