Infinity Economics Platform: A Stealth Mode Dao Creating A New Digital Economy

May 20th, 2018 at 8:25 am UTC · 3 min read

Its next gen eco system philosophy is about integrating crypto currencies into the world’s traditional financial marketplace today.

IEP is a single gateway for consumers, traders, investors and financial institutions through the construction of a new full service and limitless decentralized financial ecosystem and digital economy.   This innovative platform offers a secure low transaction cost payment process enabling an average individual to invest in the New Economy.

Infinity Economics Platform can be considered a hybrid Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).  

It uses a combination of advanced e-Governance policy and final human input, provided by an IEP foundation, to decide the outcome of any changes to the system needing deliberation.   Since it’s inception, IEP has been designed as a 100 percent community driven project. Any platform related issues belong to community members with decisions based on their voting power.  

IEP’s users determine the shape and form of their program, not a developer or major investor, providing a tamper-free environment. The IEP foundation was also created carry out the final results.  Built-in e-governance features are used and also utilized to continually improve the IEP platform. This procedure establishes a solid and fair crypto platform to prevent single points of failure.

Unlike other crypto currencies, there is no limit to what can be done with IEP and its community-based foundation.  The technical design has simplified its core, but has kept the most successful components of its predecessors intact.  

This allows IEP to provide a set of basic, flexible transaction types that can be easily and quickly (60-seconds) processed.  There is also no limit to the ways in which transaction types can be used. Even more enticing is that these improvements do not create a significant overhead keeping it cost effective for the user.  

IEP also constantly monitors crypto development for features worth adding from classic to the most advanced technologies for the core or for services. Again, any changes, even state of the art enhancements, are introduced to the community to vote on for acceptance prior to implementation.

IEP is a 100 percent proof-of-stake crypto currency.  Its unique algorithm is not dependent on any implementation of the “coin age” concept used by other proof-of –stake crypto currencies and is resistant to “nothing-at-stake” attacks.

 A total of 9 billion available tokens (XINs) were distributed in the genesis block. To provide security and required processing power Curve25519 cryptography is used with the more commonly used SHA256 hashing algorithms.

Confidence in security opens the door to a variety of current and future features–improved smart contracts, aliases, assets, currencies, escrow, subscriptions, shuffling, gateways, proxies, account control, automated transactions–expanding the digital marketplace to large, small, private, public organizations and individual investors or buyers worldwide.

Infinity Economics Platform is at the forefront of providing a global entrance and introduction to everyone ready to take that step into the growing digital economy.




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