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December 19th, 2018 at 10:56 pm UTC · 3 min read

This is complemented by the noble mission of driving more foot traffic is better) to the UK high streets. To facilitate this, Kenda Technologies has created an app aptly named ‘My Wealth Map’ (MWM).

My Wealth Map allows users to collect leading cryptocurrency Ethereum, in a fun Pokémon Go style way, for free, and without the person having to provide any sensitive banking or personal information. You are essentially being given free money via cryptocurrency to use this app, in a totally risk-free manner.

The app functions using geocaching. Geocaching is the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website or app. With this technology, coins are dropped near your location and through completing the mini games you are rewarded with Ethereum. Real-world gamification! The more games you win, the higher your experience points will be to unlock larger amounts of Ethereum!

All you need is a valid ETH address to join and play. My Wealth Map recommends downloading from the trusted source: This is a free wallet address to store your cryptocurrency.

One of the main reasons for the flood of these buzzwords was because of the uber-famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin and how many were flocking to this gold rush as the cryptocurrency reached dizzying heights. This story isn’t about that.

Launched August 23rd 2017, My Wealth Map was created to help the general public and the high street through Blockchain. We are all aware of how high streets up and down the country, and throughout the world have been hit hard by the internet era through the loss of footfall.

With My Wealth Map, Kenda Software hopes to help drive footfall to local towns and cities and help support local and international businesses alike. The general public is incentivised with free money through the extremely prominent cryptocurrency Ethereum and it encourages excitement via the means of AR (Augmented Reality) technology and exercise – which is always a positive thing.

New technology is always astonishing, and blockchain has the potential to truly revolutionise the world, the same way in which the internet has, and continues to do so. (By the way, back in the day, many people thought the Internet itself was a fad, not social media, the whole entire internet!). But unlike with the beginning of consumer internet where only a few people won, My Wealth Map allows everyone to go on and win… Quite literally.

About Kenda Technologies

Kenda Technologies in an ambitious, creative and pioneering technology startup. Established in 2016, we’ve worked on a number of exciting developments within 3D Printing, Crypto-currency Mining, Data Science, Systems Engineering and Mobile & App Development. My Wealth Map (MWM) is our latest release to the leave the lab. Contact us at


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