Inside WonderGame: Community’s Metaverse

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Inside WonderGame: Community’s Metaverse
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WonderGame is a metaverse-focused platform that is designed for mainstream crypto and NFT communities to bring their creativity to life.

The blockchain ecosystem has gravitated into the collectibles world through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and a whole new economy and infrastructure providers like WonderGame metaverse are growing from this.

As explained by Coinspeaker, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a special digital crypto asset that provides special services and cannot be traded with other tokens. This is quite different from digital currencies like Bitcoin and other similar assets which can be interchanged for one another. In other words, this asset usually takes trades on unique electronic collectibles such as virtual art and images, in-app purchases, or other forms of digital assets on the web.

The advent of NFTs took a whole new turn back with the emergence of CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks NFT collection. In the past year, the NFT revolution was taken to the mainstream with more NFT collections coming to the limelight and forming a formidable part of blockchain-based gaming heralded by Sky Mavis’s Axie Infinity.

For keen observers in the blockchain world, Play-2-Earn (P2E) is now a mainstay and a broader component of the NFT innovation. It works with the monetization of in-game assets and the completion of tasks to earn a dedicated platform token that can easily be converted to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. This unique revolution has become a trend that many brands and game developers are beginning to explore, and amongst the emerging protocols making that happen is the WonderGame, the Community’s Metaverse.

About WonderGame

WonderGame is a metaverse-focused platform that is designed for mainstream crypto and NFT communities to bring their creativity to life. Running with the primary vision to create a real-world utility template for Metaverses where each brand’s community of NFT holders will earn passive crypto yield.

Inside WonderGame: Community’s Metaverse

As more traditional and crypto-focused outfits leverage NFTs to build their communities in virtual worlds and as more consumers follow them in, they aim to provide communities with the tools to build and create their own spaces inside the Wonderverse. The WonderGame platform is designed to step into making this possible.

WonderGame is a multifaceted protocol whose backbone characters are the White Rabbits. White Rabbits are NFT-like Avatars that control the farming of the precious Gold and its flow through the economy. WonderGame also plays home to Mad Hatters, another set of characters that have a more villainous attitude as they are known for stealing resources from White Rabbits and farmers. The Mad Hatters are created such that they are impossible to catch.

In terms of economics, Mad Hatters are the most valuable characters in the WonderGame world, and they are drawn by some of the industry’s most renowned and expensive artists. In terms of ecosystem character release, 10,000 Wonderland NFTs will be released for minting. When 10% of the NFT’s are sold, 10 holders will get a free rabbit and 5 will get $1,500 ETH each. When 25% of the NFT’s are sold, 20 holders will win a free WonderGame shirt with their NFT on it. When all the NFT’s are minted, the WonderGame team will donate the $100,000 to the WonderForest.

There are also 10,000 genesis plots of land in the WonderGame ecosystem, all of which will afford any NFT holder to build any form of functionalities they want. In retrospect, users can host social events, establish a bank or shop, and even organize educational events in the Wonderverse.

Bringing the Vision to Life

WonderGame is an emerging gaming metaverse with more functionalities planned in its roadmap. In bringing its visions to life, the protocol has been initiating partnerships with investors in the space including BlueChain Capital, Meta Moon Capital, Aten Venture Capital Fund, Ethereum Foundation, Chainlink, Polygon, OpenSea, CoinMarketCap, Binance Smart Chain, The Sandbox, Uniswap, and Thunder ETH.

The platform is also in talks with DeFi and NFT projects that can be highly instrumental in building out its ecosystem.

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