Instacart Launches Door-Step Grocery Drop-off Service amid Spread of Coronavirus Fears

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Instacart Launches Door-Step Grocery Drop-off Service amid Spread of Coronavirus Fears
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While the coronavirus fears are spreading, the companies are developing new solutions for their customers. Instacart announces the launch of door-step grocery drop-off service in the United States.

Instacart, an American tech company, that operates as a same-day grocery delivery and also pick-up in the United States and Canada, has launched door-step grocery drop off services as a result of a surge in customers in the midst of coronavirus spread fears. This new service will be mostly applied in the United States that has seen numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases sprout out from unknown origin.

According to the company, the services were rolled out as from Thursday and will eliminate the chances of human contact during the delivery. The grocery will be left at the doorstep according to the agreed time between its agents and the customers.

In a statement to the press, the company said that over the last week, they’ve “observed increased consumer adoption for a new leave at my door delivery feature”. As a result of the coronavirus spread fears, the company has seen its sales jump tenfold in the past week.

In addition, some regions like California and also in Washington which have been reporting new cases of coronavirus has seen the company’s sales jump 20 times higher than the norm. According to the company list of requests, it has noted a huge demand for hand sanitizers, facial masks and also canned food.

With the statements from the department of health in the past coming negative of the expectations, it has resulted in people pilling up stock to last in the next coming weeks. However, it is contradicting the message from the CDC which assured healthy Americans not to panic or stock up supplies.

Will Instacart Be Affected by Coronavirus?

Instacart being a drop off service company might enjoy a good time as people fear going out and contracting the deadly coronavirus. This will, in turn, reciprocate to higher net revenue returns for the fiscal year 2020, and mostly the first quarter.

The company is capable of supplying 85% of the total U.S households, whereby it serves more than 25,000 different grocery stores. It has its services running in more than 5,000 cities in the United States and more in Canada.

With the cure or vaccine for coronavirus yet to be discovered, fears of contracting the disease will continue ravaging the society. In turn, door-step delivery services are going to boom in most places. However, if the disease persists, it might push humankind to the limit, a similar situation with a fictional series ‘The Walking Dead’.

Instacart might enjoy the best year in sales and revenue returns, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and spread across the world.

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