Instant Profits and Three-digit APR with INFI

Place/Date: - December 9th, 2020 at 7:12 am UTC · 4 min read
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The Most Anticipated DeFi Project at the end of 2020: Decentralized Digital Bank InfinityDefi(INFI)!

Recently, users are rushing to borrow money from a new lower-risk product. InfinityDefi(INFI) is ready to launch with the Polymerization Pool as a new supernova and nuclear warhead of DeFi collateralized lending. Is it cool? Why?

Finance has always been the use case closest to people’s lives. InfinityDefi(INFI) brings financial deposit and lending services to thousands of cryptocurrency holders. It is a DApp on Ethereum providing interest and collateralized lending services for cryptocurrency assets in exchanges and wallets. InfinityDefi(INFI) aims to make the basic financial services available to everyone. Deposit and take whenever you like.

To put it simple, InfinityDefi(INFI) is a decentralized digital bank. Its collateralized lending services are similar to those of Compound. What is different, it is the only platform in the world to offer multiple value added loans for one collateral. It also offers higher loan amounts across competitor platforms in the market.

Users with idle cryptocurrency can deposit it to the Polymerization Pool managed by InfinityDefi(INFI) to earn interest. Users can deposit, lend, and borrow cryptocurrency at some of the best interest rates. To promote the user participation, at the initial stage, InfinityDefi(INFI) will also give up a part of its profits for users. The APR on deposits is double and even triple digits.

The project will distribute the governance token INFI through airdrops and in other incentive programs. On December 10 (0:00 UTC+0), the InfinityDefi(INFI) Early Access Round 1 starts. You can transfer 0.01 ETH to get 2 INFI and the first 1,000 participants will share abundant prizes.

Instant Profits and Three-digit APR with INFI

Project Schedule

Currently, InfinityDefi(INFI) supports depositing, pledging, and lending of DAI, USDT, USDC, and ETH. Besides the traditional deposits and loans available in digital banks, InfinityDefi(INFI) promotes innovative models such as cross-platform secondary loans and multi-value-added loans. These models provide cryptocurrency investors with a better arbitrage space and higher capital utilization.

So what are the cross-platform secondary loans? The traditional collateralized lending mode is “pledge once and get one collateral,” while with InfinityDefi(INFI) you can have secondary collateral. You can borrow twice with your collateral, but the amount of the second loan is 10% of the first one. It also supports cross-platform borrowing on MakerDAO!

InfinityDefi(INFI) has about 10% lower collateral ratio and more favorable position coverage and liquidation levels compared to traditional DeFi collateralized lending products. Its initial deposit and loan interest rates make it user-friendly and highly competitive. With lower collateral ratio, lower loan interests, and higher capital turnover efficiency, it can better protect the rights and interests of users.

The Top Investment Team

InfinityDefi(INFI) is DeFi’s next success after Compound and MakerDAO and is highly anticipated in 2021. Their team are senior professionals from the financial and cryptocurrency industry in the Americas and Asia. InfinityDefi(INFI) builds community management based on the governance token INFI and the equity token PPT. Holders of INFI can participate in project management, control the financial risks, and vote in the decision-making process, while PPT is a reward token earned through transactions on the platform. Users can exchange PPT to INFI.

At the end of December, InfinityDefi(INFI) will sweep the world. The mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges will list the governance token INFI and the project’s journey of transforming the global finance will start. On the 10th, the Early Access Round 1 and the first INFI airdrop start in the community. Leveraging blockchain and aiming to serve the basic financial needs of all people on the earth, InfinityDefi(INFI) strives for common prosperity.

INFI is inclusion!

INFI, the basic financial services for everyone!

INFI, the community autonomy that changes sovereign capital!

INFI, Decentralized Digital Banking!

INFI, the social financial experiment against centralized dictatorship!

INFI + finance, your freedom!

InfinityDefi White Listing has Started!

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