Internxt Is Launching ICO to Build a Solution That Will Decentralize the Internet

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by Anastasiya Vanyukevich · 3 min read
Internxt Is Launching ICO to Build a Solution That Will Decentralize the Internet
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The ICO of the year is just coming and read why use should take part in it!

Internxt, a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) cloud computing network, intends to build a new internet by creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure with high security level so the stored items such as websites, files and apps won’t be damaged.

As the company representatives say, now the internet is organized in a special way: websites, files and apps are usually hosted on centralized servers which belong to enterprises, under a government jurisdiction. And this is when the privacy issue arises.

We know that companies do their best to protect their private information. Just think about Google, the information giant and the biggest online advertising company nowadays. Decentralization of the cloud, however, allows to split files into pieces, encrypted and spread into different servers, using peer-to-peer technology. In such a case, the internet will belong to people instead of organizations and governments.

Bearing security in mind, the idea of storing all files in a given server also sounds vulnerable as such storage will be easy to be accessed by hackers, while decentralisation minimazes these risks as the latter will only receive an encrypted bit of a file even if they will manage to bypass the security of one of the machines.

Solving these major technical flaws is an important objective of Internx, the company which plans to create  a completely decentralized cloud, that will on a first instance tackle websites, apps and files, which are currently centralized.  They are also committed to improving competitor decentralized technologies (ie Maidsafe, Freenet, DFINITY, Zero Net, Substratum, IPFS) to provide best solution among their competitors in this early stage industry.

Still, their main mission of Internxt is to bring this advanced technology to people. They want to fulfill this by focusing on creation of a seamless user experience and a competitive pricing options, so that everyone can contribute to this new technology.

“By providing a competitive price and a seamless user experience, we believe we can become mainstream with our decentralized technology, which in some cases does not have to be better than the one offered by our direct competitors,” they say.

Internxt belons and is run by the ambitious entrepreneur Fran Villalba Segarra who has rich experience in the management of a big internet multinational. He has also worked on some smaller internet projects in the past, which were later sold. Now he dedicates all his funds, time and knowledge into Internxt, the biggest company he has ever created.

As you can see, Internxt can become a very prominent technology in the nearest future, so that’s why their upcoming ICO is most likely be one of the ICO events of the year with perspective to eclipse even Filecoin, Aragon and the soon to be held of Decentraland.

Internxt ICO is scheduled on September 7th at 7PM GMT and will last till September 28th at the same time, or earlier if the 45,000,000 tokens (INXT) are sold out before that date. The exchange is 300 tokens per ETH.

First 15% INXT sold will give 10% bonus tokens, or 15% bonus for those who purchase over €30k worth of tokens. Second 15% set of tokens (so up to 30%) will give a 5% bonus or a 10% for those who purchase over €30k worth of tokens.

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