Interview with CEO Alex Richter: What Antares Innovation Incubator Service Offers to Businesses

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Interview with CEO Alex Richter: What Antares Innovation Incubator Service Offers to Businesses
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By 2024, Antares plans to house all most demanded products and services on its platform, including breakthrough innovations and successful market offerings of the past years.

Multilevel marketing (MLM), a marketing practice that is sustaining itself on the networking of partner sellers, has become an increasingly common phenomenon nowadays. This business scheme involving a referral to another party who could potentially conclude a trade and therefore, expand the business network, has been something of interest for many consumers.

Apart from receiving a commission on each trade, sellers are given the opportunity to construct their activities independently around the product they need to sell, and thus to lead an independent life outside of the corporation. That’s why the number of participants in multilevel marketing has gone up exponentially, especially on the wave of Covid-19.

It is not rare, however, that this model turned out to be a scam, which most often had a consequence of failing to give distributors their fair share of earnings. This is why, in the past as well as nowadays, MLM was frequently labeled as a dubious business practice. But despite this fact, this model still holds a number of advantages. One of them is increased awareness – multilevel marketing is the one that helps to promote products or services that would otherwise fall into oblivion, despite their outstanding market potential.

Next, it also spurs innovation by giving an opportunity to demonstrate what they are really worth and become accessible to every person on the internet. One example is Amway – if not the MLM model, the company would not be able to amply generate revenues from direct sales of health and beauty products already for 57 years.

It would eventually cease to exist in the open access, instead of becoming one of the most successful enterprises everybody knows about.

On the tide of the forthcoming economic change, today it is as crucial as never before to ensure that businesses stay fruitful and ready to take the next development step. However, the current marketing practices are not always capable of assuring the viability of the venture, even if a large fraction of expenses is devoted to marketing implementation. For this reason, there comes an acute need to rethink all existing approaches and come up with something radically new in order to be able to save the market from the crash and to drive it forward. The decentralized marketplace is one solution – by ensuring unrestrained access to investors and their capital, companies can withstand even during the toughest times. But what about the selling model?

Same as in the past, the product needs an active network of participants in order to push it through and create a nurturing environment for the rise of a new star. Through MLM, it gets easier to promote products already existing on the market, but again, with no guarantee of success. Another option is to build a verified network of individuals who could directly get in touch with companies and offer their services to kick-off the enterprises. That’s what Antares came up with.

By offering an innovation incubator service, Antares is capable of ensuring the companies get a proper start and smooth landing, at the same time generating solid returns based on the whole variety of marketing practices on the platform. While most MLMs are limited to only one formulaic approach, Antares employs matrix, stair-step, binary and linear models, allowing to achieve maximum effectiveness for the business venture. The platform takes up revenues of their clients to an even higher-end through developing an individualized model for each enterprise with regard to its needs and peculiarities. At the end of the day, through establishing operational excellence Antares converts efficiency into a tangible change on a company’s balance sheet.

By 2024, Antares plans to house all most demanded products and services on its platform, including breakthrough innovations and successful market offerings of the past years. On the basis of 138 criteria, Antares carefully verifies all companies added to its partner list, thus making sure they are fully compliant with jurisdiction and secure to invest in. The platform gives preference to entities that operate in a high-yield sphere and provides them with a good starting ground to develop. On top of that, Antares takes care of regularly organizing seminars and workshops on financial literacy, sales, personal and moral development. With the help of all of it combined, the platform plans to hit the target of 100 companies and 50 million people in 5 years’ time.

Speaking to the CEO of the company, I decided to find out the principles of MLM model in marketing, at the same time also discovering the tactical steps of Antares in its ambitious strategy to conquer the world.

When you just started Antares, did you think how the venture would look like at this point of time?

Alex Richter: My expectations have always been high, and I don’t like to give up before things get done. I’m satisfied that we were able to create a solid system half a year existing on the market, which actually exceeds our expectations. But, even more, is to come for Antares – this we will be able to achieve with the help of our affiliate programs like Binar profit team, Line profit team, Token profit team and the rest.

How were your plans affected by Covid-19 – disrupted or, on the opposite, taken to higher ground?

AR: For most enterprises, Covid-19 has had a disastrous effect. For us, however, it became the turning point after which Antares promises to become a truly global enterprise. While more and more people are interested in generating sales from MLM, Antares largely benefits from this agiotage and takes its chance to expand operations across the world.

Knowing that MLM proved to be a successful model in the business acumen, how would it help companies to fight with the pandemic?

AR: Well, in my opinion, the pandemic is a perfect opportunity to shift to an MLM scheme for the ones who haven’t tried it before. This model benefitted a large number of enterprises even before the pandemic. Now, when the world is taken over by Covid-19, many physical facilities are closed, which naturally leads to the conclusion that the sales should be conducted online and not directly. This is why the MLM model is so fundamental when it comes to bringing solid revenues from sales, and this is something every company should think of seriously.

Are there any thoughts on the future of progressive ventures? How would they move forward, taking into account highly demanding and challenging times in the midst of the economic crisis?

AR: I think one thing is definitely clear – businesses cannot exist the same way as they used to be before the crisis. The pandemic clearly showed us the weaknesses of the existing economic system and its inability to handle disruptions in the form of closure of physical facilities. Now, as probably never before, businesses should focus on conducting their operations online, and that’s what all progressive startups too should focus on.

What products and market offerings will be the most successful on the market throughout the upcoming years, in your opinion?

AR: Hm, interesting question. I would say, all that have a technological component, be it virtual assistants or small portable bots. Besides, artificial intelligence is a big thing that cannot be ignored. I tend to think that many future applications will be based on it, and it will become an inescapable part of our everyday reality. I would also add that everything that has to do with automation and simplification of routine processes will be in high demand too.

From your perspective, how to land a new product well on the market?

AR: It may definitely be not easy, especially taking into account the decreased purchasing power of all consumers across the world. However, it should not prevent anyone from trying. I think it is obvious that for a product to be successful, as many people as possible should be aware of it. So awareness is one thing. Second, it is also crucial that the customer can receive the product with relatively no effort – for example, an online purchase. For it, the network of sellers is really important, and that’s what MLM focuses on.

Since we touched on the topic of MLM again, I would like to ask you one crucial thing – how can the users be protected from scams while relying on the MLM model?

AR: You are right to be asking about it because this is a real problem in the MLM world. It is not rare, unfortunately, that the agents get deceived by the deal initiators, and get either a fraction of earnings from what they actually deserve or nothing at all. Knowledge about such matters can only come with experience. But in order to avoid such unpleasant situations before they take place, it is worth it to make a careful background check on the company and get involved only with a reliable entity. Antares is one of such. 

Your entity pursues some ambitious plans – namely, make every consumer good available through the platform, while also attracting more than 50 million people. What steps will the platform do to achieve such a goal?

AR: First step – the global expansion – is something that already happened during Covid-19. For us, the most important task is to make people aware of our platform and its advantages, because once they are, they will inevitably want to join the network. Especially in the times of the pandemic, I believe that Antares provides one of the most crucial survival tactics. Then, once more products and services get listed, there will be more people who will trade them – and this is how our seller base is created. Considering our rapid steps of advancement, it does not seem unrealistic that the platform will accumulate 50 million people in 5 years.

Could you please explain to our readers the differences between 4 MLM models Antares uses?

AR: Sure. First one, the matrix model, aims at getting as many participants as possible, each one of whom consequently attracts a group of selling agents. Commissioning from sales of the bottom levels of the pyramid then progresses higher up to the top. Another one, stair-step, is a principle where there is a certain volume requirement on each of the steps of the plan – and once it is achieved, participants are promoted. Next, the binary model focuses on mitigating selling responsibilities to two main distributors, who are then responsible for hiring the downline managers. And finally, the linear model is the simplest structure with one sole distributor who creates an unending chain of agents downward the distribution structure.

Thank you. The last question – I’ve heard of the bot features adopted specially for the model. How can it add value to the users? 

AR: It is fairly simple – the bots are helping to automatically execute trades, without the need of individuals and organizations to spend their whole time on tracking the price of the asset. Bots can assist in cryptocurrency and forex trading and make the bets on winning deals.

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