Interview with Ihor Torshyn, CEO of the First Trading Ecosystem (FTEC)

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by Polina Chernykh · 4 min read

Coinspeaker spoke to Ihor Torshyn, whose ambitious project FTEC promises to improve trading performance of unprofessional investors on the cryptocurrency markets.

More recently, cryptocurrencies have been known only in narrow circles, and ordinary people have heard of them only by hearsay. But the situation has changed: news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now all over the media.

Every day a lot of projects appear in the cryptocurrency environment. Investors are fed up with their diversity and are critical of new developments. But the ambitious FTEC project (, according to its leader Igor Roshchin, will force the cryptoexchange community to change its view of the market and acquire a new vision of its development.

We talked with FTEC’s CEO Igor Torshin to learn the history of the project and its goal at first hand.

Coinspeaker: “How did you manage to fit more than ten services in one system?”

Igor Torshin“I propose to reformulate the first question in this way – “What is FTEC”? I answer – this is a project that unites all intellectual services and neural networks into a holistic ecosystem. All this we can do thanks to the experience gained with the implementation of our previous project  Some of our services are working successfully now, and we conduct ICO for the development of the planned services.”

Coinspeaker: “How does your service work? Why are you sure that people will understand such a complex product and will use it?”

Igor Torshin“We make the complicated things simple. There will be a separate module “Cryptoacademy” in our ecosystem. This is a complex of simulators that simulate real situations on cryptomarket. Using the tools of the module, users will be able to gain experience working in the cryptocurrency market without losing their funds.”

Coinspeaker: “What would you like to draw attention of potential users?”

Igor Torshin“First of all, it should be noted that we already have a working product, which has already entered the market and brings profit. In the future, the platform will continue to develop according to the road map, which can be found on the official website of the project. In particular, we plan to launch beta versions of the main ecosystem modules in the coming year. The task of creating a truly functioning ecosystem as soon as possible is the basis for a development strategy for the coming year.”

Coinspeaker: “What is the reason for the success of your previous project and what do you focus on when creating FTEC?”

Igor Torshin“It is important to understand that trends and tendencies in the cryptocurrency area are constantly changing. For example – there are new cryptocurrency exchanges, promising projects, coins and approaches to the use of blockchain technology almost every month. Our team absolutely clearly understands that it is possible to achieve success in this market only by tracking these changes and developing new unique solutions. The long-term basis for the development of the project is the creation of an extensive and active community. To do this, we created a special department whose employees promote the project in social networks and answer all questions.”

In addition to improving users’ trading activities, FTEC is designed to minimize the risks for investors by using the recommendations of the automatic search system for the most profitable offers on the market. Due to the use of automatized cryptoacademy and broad knowledge base, users will be able to study the specifics of cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, they will be able to overview the latest trends within the industry via smart service for analyzing social networks and search engines data.

The company is now preparing for the pre-ICO that will begin on April 11, 2018 and will continue for 27 days. The goal of the pre-sale is to finance the development of already implemented products and launch large-scale marketing campaign for attracting audiences to the main crowdsale.

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