Into the Metaverse with Megaverse

April 8th, 2022 at 2:49 pm UTC · 5 min read

Into the Metaverse with Megaverse
Photo: Megaverse

Metaverse is the new talk of the town. It is envisioned as the foundation of a new economy and era of connectivity, where users can freely transact and interact with one another regardless of geographic location, wealth, or social status. At its core, the Metaverse aims to be the most advanced and immersive  platform for VR content, while also providing the infrastructure needed to run decentralized applications  or D-Apps – promoting interconnectivity strategically and creating what some are calling the Internet of “Imaginative-Reality.” Who builds it and how it is created is significant to the long-term socioeconomic viability of society if the metaverse is to surpass the new era of internet.

Metaverse’s true potential lies in the evolution of a platform that will allow consumers to interact with each other seamlessly and provide the most valuable data about them. It has the potential to fundamentally change the way we work and live, by disrupting the current model of centralized internet services as it aims to create a decentralized internet where users are in control of their digital identities and content. This would enable users to share their experiences and viewpoints without the risk of persecution or censorship. With an omnidirectional presence and a strong dominance in financial services,  automotive and manufacturing, real estate, education, gaming and retail, Metaverse is already making itself pellucid.

Step into the Megaverse

Into the Metaverse with Megaverse

Metaverse is set out to change the dynamics of how people interact on social media. Envision a 3D social world where two people divided by distance meet with each other as their avatars and discuss common interests. In a VR world people are not alone as there is somebody to turn to and talk. It feels way more real. The metaverse experience is more palpable than interacting in silos.

Megaverse is bringing the vision of the Metaverse closer to reality for everyone from all walks of life and economic background. It is developing a hub where anyone can become shareholders of virtual lands built around their favorite people and things of interest. Imagine a BTS land, Harry Potter land or Star Wars Land, for that matter. Imagine the Pink Floyd museum walking into your room into which you can absorb through a fully-immersive AR experience. On Megaverse, you can even own one!

To that, Megaverse even adds earning opportunities for its users through components like Mega Finance and Mega NFTs – making it not just a place to unwind but a place to run a business as well.

As a starting point, the plots of land within Megaverse have already been preallocated to house the official fan zones of some of the world’s most popular sports teams, brands, and celebrities. This includes Manchester United, IPL, Ferrari, and Arianna Grande. With time, more such lands will be available, created and owned by communities.

From Crypto Nerds to Soccer Fans, Megaverse Empowers All Communities Big and Small

It is the fans and admirers who determine the road to success for any artist, entertainer, sportsperson or creator. The plethora of forums and communities provide a platform for people to discuss their celebrities and role models but very few offer them the power to govern a said community.

What makes Megavere stand out from the crowd is the fact that it acknowledges the community as the nucleus of any domain, be it sports, entertainment or even crypto projects. Megaverse plans to allocate new plots of land to people who come with their petitions as to what community they want to represent and why. Upon offering a valuable proposal, this person can win the rights to control the official fan zone of this team, brand, or celebrity in Megaverse. Like a true DAO, the community on Megaverse may vote for a change of position of an official fan zone among other things.

Megaverse Offers Both Entertainment and Earning Opportunities

Megaverse does not end at being a fully-immersive metaverse for fanboys and fangirls. It is a platform with earning opportunities in spades. The components of Megaverse that will materialize into cash cows of the future are:

  • Mega NFTs: They will enable budding collectors to create, exchange, and sell their NFTs within the Mega DAO Ecosystem. NFTs minted within Megaverse can be sold in the MegaFi marketplace for Mega tokens native to Megaverse. The proceeds of NFT sales will always go to the creators, minus a small transaction fee.
  • MegaFi: MegaFi or Mega Finance will be a decentralized exchange that includes swap, farm, pool, NFT marketplace, staking, and a launchpad for new crypto, gaming, and metaverse projects.

Though it kick-started its journey on Polygon, Megaverse will eventually become a multi-chain ecosystem adding Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Ethereum to reduce friction and enable seamless transactions across networks. The future looks fluid for Megaverse.

Mega Token’s First Public Sale on Copper Launch Expected Soon

The Mega Governance Token unifies and fuels the Mega DAO Ecosystem. As a governance token, Mega DAO Token holders will control the future of Mega DAO and the critical decisions that affect the platform. The first public sale of the Mega token will happen soon and the floor price is expected to be $0.025. So, stay tuned for that!

For more information, you can check out Megaverse’s social media handles: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram.