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Introducing 9Cat – The NFT Based Play to Earn Gaming Metaverse

December 14th, 2021 at 7:40 pm UTC · 5 min read

Introducing 9Cat – The NFT Based Play to Earn Gaming Metaverse

The Blockchain gaming space is becoming an area of interest to investors and gamers alike looking to take advantage of projects that adopt a Play To Earn (P2E) model. Of the innovative projects in this space stands the 9Cat project – a gaming metaverse project that revolves around the main character 9Cat who traverses time and space going on exciting adventures. The 9Cat character NFT’s grant access to the upcoming 2D survival shooter game called the ‘9Cat Saga Adventure’ whereby players fight through hordes of enemies while earning cryptocurrency tokens in the process.

The 9Cat project was one born out of the mind of HK based artist and programmer Wendy Lam. With a team of 11 under her wing, primarily coming from a mobile game-development background, the project is primed to deliver an exciting offering to the blockchain gaming space.

Finding the Right Balance of Blockchain and Gaming

The 9Cat NFT game is being designed with the pitfalls of other blockchain games in mind. A common mistake of projects that have sprung up in the emerging blockchain gaming space is the reliance on the blockchain aspect of the project to keep it afloat, but as Wendy points out, this alone is not enough to engage players and investors into staying committed to an ecosystem long term.

The Play to earn model is one of the most exciting additions to the online gaming space that blockchain has to offer. Users being able to play games and earn a passive income while doing so is a game-changer, but without focus being put towards creating an attractive and fun to play game, the model won’t be enough of a selling point to transition users from pre-existing non-blockchain game franchises.

Wendy says:

“What we are seeing is other projects consistently focusing on the blockchain aspect whilst completely ignoring the more important part – the game. If you want a gaming project to succeed it has to be first and foremost a fun game, something that attracts people to want to play, not just something to invest in. You don’t want to release a glorified Facebook game from the early 2000s and slap a $1000 price tag onto it, We don’t want 9Cat to be like that.”

The 9Cat Saga adventure will be a 2D Isometric survival shooter game reminiscent of an earlier era of portable gaming.There will be a crafting engine, themed areas, interesting enemies, numerous playable characters and the customization of skins and weapons – all the elements required for a great game. The development of the first chapter is already underway and will be set in the old ruins of an alien civilization. Maps in the game will be procedurally generated and there will be quests for players to complete making the game more fun and engaging.

Subsequent chapters of the game will introduce new characters, items and storylines that will collectively paint a colorful picture of the 9metaverse. Early bird investors wanting to see the game take shape may do so by subscribing to the team’s social media channels where they will give regular sneak peeks of the game design process.

Tokens of the 9Metaverse

Playing the 9Cat Saga Adventure grants users the ability to earn 9Photon tokens. The 9Photon tokens are key to upgrading in-game elements such as character weapons and in-game infrastructure for resource generation, as well as the purchasing of entrance tickets for special quests and events.

Beyond the earnable 9Photon token, The 9Cat metaverse adopts an ecosystem-wide token known as the 9Meta token. The 9Meta token will be a supply capped, purchasable token that will be used for the purchasing of NFTs within the 9Metaverse. Planets, characters, unique weapons, and skins will all be in the form of purchasable NFTs, with 9Meta tokens also being necessary to participate in community DAO voting on decisions that will determine the future direction of the project. All character NFT’s grant access to the 9Metaverse and unlock the earning of 9Photon tokens.

Each character NFT including those found in the debut set of 9Cat NFTs is programmed to generate 9Milk tokens on a daily basis. These generated tokens can be collected to breed further character NFTs, used in conjunction with future ecosystem features to alter your NFT attributes, as well as imprinting a name and backstory for your character onto the blockchain for all players in the metaverse to see.

Entering into the 9Cat Ecosystem

With the development of the 9Cat ecosystem already underway, the first entry point for investors is fast approaching with the sale of their debut set of their Character NFTs showcasing 9Cat, the main character in the 9Metaverse. This debut set will be a limited run of 9,999 units that will feature a random set of styles and attributes ranging in uniqueness and rarity. The debut set will be the only set of 9Cat’s that will have the chance of possessing ‘Godlike’ rarity status. In addition, each 9Cat NFT grants users access to the upcoming game and as the debut set, they will come with the added bonus of automatic whitelisting for future sales.

The Presale is slated for December 17th, 2021 at 12pm UTC time and will see 1,999 of the debut 9Cat collection being sold for 0.06ETH each. Interested participants will need to be whitelisted in order to participate in the presale. During the presale each whitelisted wallet address will be able to purchase at most 3 9Cats. The public sale will begin on December 26th, 2021 at 2pm UTC time and will be open to everyone without any need for whitelisting. Each 9Cat will be priced at 0.07 ETH and each wallet address will be able to purchase a maximum of 9 9Cats.

If you’d like to find out more about the 9Cat project, you may visit their project page.