Introducing BINEX.TRADE: The People’s Exchange

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Introducing BINEX.TRADE: The People’s Exchange

Combining the benefits of decentralization and the power of its native BEX token, the exchange wants to change the sharing economics by delivering revenue to its shareholders from its daily trade income.

The development and growth of the cryptocurrency industry saw a new era of investing. The skyrocketing price of Bitcoin led to crypto mania in the last months of 2017, with cryptocurrencies being the central talking point of seasoned and amateur investors alike. In the wake of a bullish crypto market, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges shot up in response to the ever growing demand for a safe, fast and reliable trading platform.

The surging price of cryptocurrencies encouraged contributors to dip into the emerging market, what resulted in never before seen number of digital millionaires. In response to such a demand, many exchanges were introduced. Some of them had serious vulnerabilities that were exploited by malicious users and exposed. The shortcomings of such exchanges have since been resolved, with countermeasures put in place.

The Binex Way

BINEX.TRADE is a new cryptocurrency exchange where security is paramount. Using advanced digital security features, the platform ensures users are in a safe and reliable position to trade and use the service effectively. The exchange is based on a multi-tier platform that provides high-end security to every transaction conducted on the exchange. At the user level, the system includes a set of security verifications, such as secure login, two factor authentication, same browser login, link to verified email, and others.

BINEX.TRADE is now running an ICO to distribute its BEX tokens, which maximize users’ profitability and security. According to the startup’s roadmap, most of the funds raised in a crowdsale will go on marketing, with the remaining money will be spent on development, administration, legal and compliance purposes. The sale is planned to finish on April 30, 2018.

There are a limited number of tokens available to users, ranging from a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1000 BEX tokens. This, therefore, solidifies the value of the token while promoting its fair distribution. Moreover, profitability is maximized as token holders are entitled to a 70% share of the daily revenue generated at Binex. The remaining 30% is used for the upkeep of the exchange to maintain and improve user experience. As BINEX.TRADE continues its exponential growth, the value of each token will grow as the volume of trade increases. The tokens are now offered at a price of 1 USD per BEX.

The BEX Token

The distribution of BEX tokens helps to maintain their value. With a total of 21 million BEX tokens, 1 million are distributed to the founders, 1 million for pre-registration bonus and the remaining 19 million tokens are available for the initial token sale. The first 60,000 contributors are rewarded with 5 BEX tokens. But the incentives don’t stop there – the next 100,000 traders are also rewarded with 3 BEX tokens and the following 400,000 traders gain 1 BEX token.

BEX Tokens are utility tokens that generate recurring income as revenue is shared every 24 hours. Some cryptocurrencies are notably volatile, which is why the markets are particularly lucrative, as no one makes money on a flat market. Those with their ear to the ground can potentially yield monumental returns in a fluctuating market. In such a market, BEX tokens can be used to trade other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to capitalize on their next opportunity and in turn, diversify their portfolio.

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