Introduction to Era7 Project and IFO Publicity

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Introduction to Era7 Project and IFO Publicity
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Dubbed Game of Truth, Era7 game is designed to intensively engage players to bring out the best feeling and value of time investment.

Era7 is a play-to-earn NFT game that is built on the Binance Smart Chain that is based on TCG (Trading Card Game) concepts. By integrating the DeFi concept, NFTs, and blockchain technology, Era aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. Moreover, players get to immersively interact with the game and its uniquely designed features. Additionally, players have a chance to earn a living as the digital assets used in the game are pegged to monetary value in the physical world.

“This is an addictive yet state-of-the-art card-trading game that uses a groundbreaking new gaming method. With the perfect combination of fighting and strategy, this game becomes thrillingly immersive and is split up into separate three-minute games,” the Era7 developers indicated on the whitepaper.

Dubbed Game of Truth, Era7 game is designed to intensively engage players to bring out the best feeling and value of time investment. Moreover, by providing an income stream that is well structured, more players are likely to enroll in the future.

The metaverse ecosystem is expected to experience astronomical growth in the next few years. Furthermore, notable institutional investors including Meta (formerly Facebook) have joined the train. Analysts predict the Metaverse ecosystem could grow to an $800 billion market by 2024.

Notably, Era7 has already completed its seed round and also its initial private round of financing, led by Hashkey and MOBOX. Other notable investors in the game include Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), AU21 Capital, AlphaCoin Fund, Waterdrip Capital, DREAM SEEKER HOLDINGS LIMITED, Binary Capital, and Smarti Labs Main LP.

Future Outlook of Era7 Game of Truth

The gaming industry led by play-to-earn was among the hot topics of 2021. As more decentralized gaming platforms emerge, the industry is expected to grow hand in hand with blockchain technology amid crypto adoption.

Notably, the Era7 gaming economy is powered by the GOT rewards and the ERA token.

“Era7 focuses on creating a financial system combining blockchain and games to create an E-sports ecosystem. There are up to 1000 different cards in the game, which will bring players a 3-minute game experience and rich ERA token and GOT (a resource token used for summoning function) rewards,” the company clarified in a press release.

Currently, the Era7 team is negotiating with PancakeSwap DEX for token listing. On other important company updates, there is a planned Initial Farm Offering (IFO) that is scheduled in February, 2022, on PancakeSwap.

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