An Introduction To The MMAON Project

Place/Date: Tallin, Estonia - March 2nd, 2021 at 9:45 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: MMAON, Source: MMAON

MMAON was designed as a digital, fan-centric platform that rewards those who love MMA. It has a vision of giving the fans of MMA a bigger voice when it comes to various decisions around the future of the sport. With MMAON, the plan is to digitize the entire sporting experience and make the sport more engaging and interactive for fans, fighters, promotions and all key stakeholders.

The Goal of MMAON

MMAON has a noble goal of bringing the fans closer to their favorite fighters, the stadium, and the sport in general. With this platform, fans have the power to become more than mere spectators. They become essential stakeholders that have a say in the future of the sport. To achieve this, the developers of the MMAON platform have created various customizable and innovative features for use by the fans.

Fighters can also gain additional revenue streams, through merchandise, tipping and training seminars. MMAON also connects fighters to promotions (for fights), sponsors (for brand deals) and records and tracks their progress through the sport.

Promotions can also reach their direct consumer audience through the platform, engage with them directly and in turn create a more personal relationship. A promotion can hear from fans exactly what fights they want to see and active ‘fan matchmaking’ to determine upcoming matchups that will entice fans from the outset.

Why the Platform Matters

In recent years, the popularity of martial arts has been on the rise. The popularity has come at a time when technology, in general, has had a transformative effect on the sports sector. Developers of the platform saw an opportunity to help fans interact more closely with their favorite sports personalities via a digital platform. MMAON allows fans to interact using features powered by unique AI modules.

Another interactive feature is the addition of gamification to the platform. With the feature, fans can have a say in how games are played out. With the platform, fans will not just be spectators. Instead, they will be heard and feel valued as important decision-makers when it comes to the future of the fighters’ careers and the organization.

The MMAON platform will also be beneficial for fighters. It will offer them unlimited access to their fans, organizations, and sponsors globally. For fans, they will have an opportunity to participate in MMA as the managers of their favorite fighters. By doing so, they could help to create the next generation of MMA megastars.

For sponsors and organizations involved in MMA, they will have the chance to access a global database of fans and fighters. It will offer them the chance to access a focused digital marketplace while also helping them to identify sponsorship potential. The MMAON platform allows stakeholders to focus on their core strengths while allowing everyone to remain connected. Keeping everyone connected increases his or her success digitally and in the real world.

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the MMAON token has been officially set for March 22nd 2021 on the ProBit Exchange! Don’t forget to join if you are interested.

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