Invemo to Save Swiss Crypto Mining Industry

Place/Date: Switzerland - October 26th, 2018 at 5:39 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Invemo, Source: Invemo

Invemo GmbH is a Zug-based company that enables private individuals as well as companies to join the mining industry in the most professional and cost-effective way. With the recent decline of the mining profitability miners in Europe and especially in Switzerland have been struggling to maintain high profitability from their mining equipment.

Invemo applies multiple strategies in order to solve this problem. Invemo’s team is small consisting of currently 11 employees, but has extensive experience in crypto mining since 2014.

Why Invemo Advances in Crypto Mining

Peter Kubli, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO explains Invemo’s advancement over the other mining company’s worldwide the following way:

“Our main value proposition against other mining companies is our ability to combine Swiss quality with the abroad pricing. We have heavily invested into infrastructure by building advanced mining centers with every possible feature including ventilation across the whole building area, air filtration, natural cooling, dehumidifiers that enable to maintain highest possible lifetime value. We are currently hosting 2000 units, but are capable of managing 50’000 mining units (Bitmain ASIC S9’s for example).”

Along with start of the art infrastructure, we also employ 7 members of stuff that managing the equipment 24/7. Equipment management includes not only maintaining the operations but also maintenance service such as cleaning and wearables replacements. Peter says:

”We are not only providing industry leading equipment management for our customers, but also increase miner’s profits by adjusting the GPU or ASIC settings and running them with an inhouse developed software that allows us to switch between different algorithms or tokens depending on their profitability. As a result our customers obtain 30-40% higher profitability.”

Future Outlook

Invemo is analyzing several strategies which would allow it to sustainably exist in the future which includes manufacturing its own mining equipment and supporting enterprise rendering providers. Peter adds

“We are noticing a strong market consolidation in the blockchain space which forces projects with a weak business model and cost structure to close down and that does not only consider mining companies. Our team has to innovate if it wants to coexist which is why have already begun to develop our own ASIC miner and also actively test marketplaces that enable to trade computing power.”